Here’s a fact to take to your next trivia night: No two ears hear the same way. Your left and your right ear both have their strengths and weaknesses — and combined, they make up your listening abilities. Therefore, it makes no sense for all headphones to be the same for every ear. According to a brand-new company, Even, the one-size-fits-all approach we currently take toward listening is all wrong, and they’re out to shake up the audio industry with some hot new tech.

Even Earphones DeShawn 4

Using something they’ve developed, called “EarPrint technology,” Even engineered a dramatic listening difference, one that’s customized to best fit your ear holes. It’s kind of like an audio prescription and what Even’s CEO described as “glasses for your ears.” Even Earphones remember your EarPrint and automatically re-mix how you’re hearing your favorite music and podcasts.

The result is crazy (you can test it out for yourself on Even’s website). With EarPrint, the sound is rich and surrounding. Every beat is balanced and mixed the way an audio engineer would want. The earphones start at $99, and they’re topping our summer wish list right now.


There are some things to know before you buy your Even Earphones. First, they work with any standard audio jack. Also, the company encourages you to recalibrate your earphones every six months, because your hearing changes. (Gotta love aging.) Then, there are specific earbuds for each side of your face. They’re colored black and white and look really cool. And lastly, you’ll never want to go back to listening to regular audio ever again.

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(Photos via Even)