As Girl Scout Cookie Season crumbles to a close, you may find yourself in one of three predicaments. Maybe you ate all your cookies and you’re wanting more. Maybe you haven’t found any cookies!!?! (There’s an app for that.) Or maybe you’re part of the few who still have some left. Who knows why? Maybe you just bought too many or you’re saving them for a weekend binge. Either way, we have 18 more recipes for those cookies that go so far beyond milk-dunking.

1. Samoas Cupcakes: Caramel cream cheese frosting atop rich chocolate cake enhanced with coffee? The cookie is just the icing on the… icing? (via The Culinary Chronicles)

2. Coconut Cream Pie With a Girl Scout Cookie Shortbread Crust: Move over, graham crackers. There’s a new crumbly crust in the spotlight. (via Betsy Life)

3. Thin Mint Truffle Pops: So you crushed up a bunch of cookies, made them into balls and dipped them in chocolate? We’re guessing that cake pops have nothing on these lovelies. (via Love From the Oven)

4. Samoas Ice Cream Cake: Who knew a cookie sundae could be made into a cake? So much dessert, so little time. (via Epicurious)

5. Thin Mint Cupcakes: Simple and sweet, we love this cupcake take on our favorite minty classic. (via Bake Your Day)

6. Thin Mint Ice Cream Sandwich: All we’re wondering is: Why haven’t we always eaten Thin Mints like this? (via Shaken Together)

7. Samoas Bundt Cake: It’s like a German Chocolate cake only way more delicious. (via Betsy Life)

8. Thin Mint Brownies: For the chocolate cravers for whom there is no such thing as “too much chocolate,” chew on this. (via My Baking Addiction)

9. Samoas No Bake Cheesecake: This delicious concoction won third place in the Girls Scouts Cookie Recipe Contest. We think it’s certainly worth a round of applause. (via Country Cleaver)

10. Thin Mint Pie: When in doubt, put it in a pie. Quick and easy, this recipe is the perfect excuse to keep the whole pie all to yourself. (via Foodie Crush)

11. Girl Scout Cookie Fudge: This fudge does not play favorites. Whichever cookie is your go-to, you can turn into fudge. In fact, why not try it with more than one? (via Dine + Dish)

12. Thin Mint Milkshake: It’s like a mint chocolate chip milkshake, except with cookies. Need we say more? (via Babble)

13. Tagalong Cupcakes: These little beauties have a big secret that we’re dying to let out… a Tagalong cookie right in the center. (via My Baking Addiction)

14. Girl Scout Cookie Gooey Thin Mint Cake Bars: Thin Mints not minty enough? This recipe calls for some crumbled Andes mints which may be part of the greatest pairing in mint history. (via Picky Palate)

15. Thin Mint S’mores: As long as you don’t burn the marshmallows, this is bound to be a campfire crowd pleaser. (via Foodie Crush)

16. Lemonades No Bake Cheesecakes: Thought we’d forgotten the Lemonades, eh? Here’s the lemon-lover’s favorite, featured in a no-bake masterpiece. (via Shaken Together Life)

17. Thin Mint Trifles: With a couple drops of green food coloring, these are the perfect way to celebrate St. Paddy’sand cookie season. We love the holidays. (via Table for Two)

18. Samoas Truffles: We don’t know what’s up with that photo — there’s no way anyone would leave behind a bitten half of one of these. (via Center Cut Cook)

What’s your favorite way to celebrate cookie season? Let us know in the comments below!