Korean skincare and makeup is light years ahead of what we鈥檝e got in the States 鈥 at least we think so. Maybe it鈥檚 more like a couple years ahead. Or just way more fun. Either way, it鈥檚 no secret that it鈥檚 deeply engrained into some cultures for Asian women to take extremely good care of their skin. They don鈥檛 skimp on SPF, they stay out of the sun whenever possible and follow an exhaustive 12-step skin care regimen morning and night.

In recent years, however, these makeup and skincare trends have emerged from the country that blessed us with Gangnam Style and gone global. First there were BB Creams, then CC Creams and now cushion compacts, which are supposed to give you that super popular mul-kwang-pi-bu look, or Korean for 鈥渨atery glow.鈥


Beauty brand IOPE wanted to show that a dewy, gorgeous makeup look can be achieved in 30 seconds or less 鈥 and in ZERO GRAVITY. We鈥檙e not sure how or why makeup that holds up in zero gravity would be a selling point. Perhaps they are marketing to astronauts? Regardless, it鈥檚 a slightly absurd but wholly entertaining makeup ad. Plus, the super dramatic action movie music would make Hans Zimmer proud. Take a peep at the video below:

Okay. Where can we get this stateside stat?!

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(h/t Mimi Chatter; photos via Innored)