If you pay attention to internet memes, you probably believe that eyebrows are the only way to accentuate your eyes and attain a flawless face. But there is something that you just might be missing, and most likely not spending that much time on: EYELASHES. If faux lashes are not your forte, check out our 10 great lash-curling hacks for long, luscious lashes. As the saying goes: Life is short, but your lashes don’t have to be!


1. Invest in a Great Eyelash Curler: There are several eyelash curlers on the market, but it’s important to purchase the right one that fits the shape of your eyes perfectly. We have a few favorites that you might want to add to your makeup kit: Shu Umera ($20), Tarte ($18), and Laura Mercier ($28).

Mascara Water

2. Thin Out Your Mascara: After using your mascara several times, you might notice a lot of the product clumping together on the wand. For easier application, place your mascara in a cup of warm water to thin it out, or grab a tissue to wipe off excess product from your wand. (via Cosmopolitan)


3. Warm It Up: Warm up your eyelash curler by placing it under warm water or using a blow dryer. By warming up your eyelash curler, you will create an elongated curl that is similar to curling your hair with a warm curling iron. (via Brit + Co)

pinch and invert

4. Angle the Curler: By angling the curler (pinching it and inverting it), you’ll achieve amazing results and the perfect curl. (via Cosmopolitan)


5. Baby Powder: Not sure how to remove clumps of mascara from your eyelashes? Just apply baby powder between coats. (via Brit + Co)

6. Grab a Spoon: One of our favorite YouTube vloggers, Michelle Phan, has the ultimate eyelash hack, using a spoon to curl her lashes. To try this hack, line up the edge of your spoon against your eyelashes, then press your lashes against the spoon to achieve a curly shape. Once eyelashes are curled, apply your mascara as usual. (via Michelle Phan/Youtube)


7. Bend Your Mascara Wand: Try bending your mascara wand or purchase mascara with a bent wand like Napoleon ($13). A bent wand allows you to easily apply the product to your lashes and achieve a curl at the same time. (via Stylecaster)

B. Michael Spring 2005 - Backstage

8. Curl and Apply at the Same Time: When using a eyelash curler, be sure to apply your mascara at the same time. If your mascara still wet, your eyelashes will stay curled for a longer period of time. (Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)


9. Apply Eyeliner to Your Eyelash Curler: If you struggle to apply eyeliner in a straight line, just apply the product to your eyelash curler. Next, use your eyelash curler as usual and you will notice that your eyes will be perfectly lined.

10. Use Fire: This last hack is a Korean beauty technique to achieve a more natural curl. Purchase a metal eyelash wand and heat with a match for about 4-5 seconds. Once it is cool, use the smooth end for curling your lashes from root to tip in a zig-zag motion. Or, if you want to go the cheaper route, just use a toothpick like in the above video. (via Angela Minji Kim/Youtube)

Do you have any eyelash curler tips? If so, let us know in the comments below!