Things we spend way too much time doing on the Internet: Facebooking and online shopping. What if those were one in the same? Facebook is currently testing out a “Buy” button that will allow users to purchase products without ever leaving Facebook. You know those adorable shoes that your favorite brand just shared? You could have them on their way from your feed to your door within seconds.

How will it work? Well, basically, once you enter your credit card information, a couple simple clicks will allow you to purchase all your favorite products from your feed. This means that instead of creating a ton of different shopping accounts for all your favorite stores, each with their own login, you can just use your Facebook as your master online shopping stop.

On the one hand, this could make life a little easier. We’re totally down for simplifying the process of checking out once you’ve already picked out your purchase — time is money after all ;) But on the other hand, does it make our lives a little too easy? If you’re on a budget and avoiding online impulse shopping, it could be a little cruel (and way hard!) to have to scroll through and avoid clicking that little buy button on a veritable cornucopia of products on your feed. Sure, you could unfollow some brands, but there’s no guarantee your friend won’t share the world’s cutest dress.

Also, we’re pretty sure this will make the time wasted on Facebook skyrocket when “just checking Facebook real quick” turns into catching up with your friends and family + doing all your shopping for a month. Right now, Facebook is just testing out the button with a couple select brands, so we’ll have to wait and see if the full roll-out is on its way… and what it means for our bank account.

What do you think of the Facebook “Buy” button? Would it solve all your online shopping woes… or create new ones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.