What’s Appening, peeps?! This week’s best apps OF THE WEEK, that’s what! Before you go into a jelly bean-induced sugar coma (need any last minute Easter ideas?!) or on a week-long matzoh binge (may we suggest some ideas for those Passover leftovers?), get your smartphone prepped for its Sunday-and-rest-of-the-week best with five apps sure to blow your bonnet off. Today, we’re sharing a new foodie fave, Facebook’s latest spinoff, helpful apps from Microsoft AND Adobe + a downloadable doctor that can tell your rosacea from your acne with just a few selfies.


1. Flavour: Foodies likely already have their arsenal of must-have apps at the ready, but this one is worth a download to have favorite features (reservations, an Uber to and fro, even delivery) from a few pulled into one, hip, all-knowing place. Flavour hooks you up with top restaurants around you and others that satisfy a specific craving — whether that be ramen, brunch or something a little more “off the menu”… like a vegetarian-friendly date spot in an up-and-coming hood. Their search algorithm will take finding the perfect spot way past your usual aimless Google + Yelp dive and the redesign in its latest update makes it as appealing to look at as that Instagram-able meal is going to be.

DL It: Free on iOS, currently available in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Miami and Austin


2. Adobe Slate: This iPad app deserves a little love for turning the act of making a presentation into something that looks downright gorrrrgeous, dahling. Whether a newsletter for your neighborhood, a baby or vacay slideshow for the fam or a presentation for your boss, Adobe’s latest iOS addition will make it look like the pages of the type of magazine that costs just as much as a subscription to Lucky. While it may only be available on iPad, you’ll be able to share it and view it on all devices.

DL It: Free on iOS


3. Spruce: When we first got our hands on this app and our selfies in its screen, we were pretty excited about Spruce’s possibilities, further realized in its latest update. For its initial launch, Spruce unlocked a world where you could virtually visit certified dermatologists to diagnose your acne woes. This week, the app updated to support a whole range of dermatological conditions, adding fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, male hair loss, rashes, bug bites (we called this one ;) and more to the list. You upload pictures of the affected area, fill out a questionnaire, add any other necessary info and choose your doc. They can then diagnose and treat you over the phone, setting you up with a treatment plan and sending a prescription to your pharmacy if needed. For a limited time, your first visit is free, so why *not* give the future of house calls a shot?

DL It: Free on iOS, coming soon on Android, currently available in CA, FL, NY and PA


4. Riff: I hate to give you yet another Facebook app to download but here’s one born from your Snapchat daydreams. Riff allows you to do, well, just that and add video clips on top of your friends’ video clips to make collaborative videos you can share across the web. As cool as that sounds, the reviews are room temp in the app’s first week. It seems like the most interesting application of this DL so far is as a new social celebrity tool (WhoSay, get your check books out or engineers on this), as Riff demos with this behind-the-scenes video of the cast of An American in Paris on Broadway.

DL It: Free on Android and iOS


5. Microsoft Office Lens: Microsoft has been holding out on its Droid and Apple friends with this gem of an app for digitizing all the notes living anywhere else but on your phone. Now available on *all* major operating systems, this app will let you snap a pic of your team’s whiteboard brainstorm, your own collection of Post-It notes, receipts and any and all paper and turn them into a neatly-cropped PDF, email or even slide in a PowerPoint.

DL It: Free on iOS and Windows Phone, sign up to be a tester on Android here

What was your favorite app download this week? Share below!