The time of year fashionistas live for is finally here: New York Fashion Week. Whether you’re hunting for celeb style inspo or fiercely following the top NYFW Instagrammers, it’s a fabulously frenetic time. And every busy girl knows that hectic times call for functional accessories. Enter the clutch: a great way to add style to your look while toting around your essentials — sans the hassle of a big ol’ bag. Check out these seven beauties we’ve corralled just in time for NYFW.


1. Spicer Bags Semara Carryall Clutch ($44): This clutch pairs exquisitely with an all black ensemble. From LBDs to jumpsuits and anything in between, this cute clutch adds a textured and tribal twist to your look.


2. Kindah Khalidy Digital Flannel Mini Clutch ($56): If you’ve got a great outfit but are worried that it might be a little too fancy (yes, that can happen even during fashion week), dress it down with this flannel-inspired mini.


3. Found by B+C Gold Color Block Clutch ($13): Color blocked and golden, this clutch is about as fashionable as you can get. It’s also the perfect size for carrying a few extras like mascara and a change of jewelry — because you never know when you’ll need to glam it up.


4. Bando Keep It Classy Rose Gold Pouch ($30): If regular old gold isn’t your thing, give this updated rose gold beauty a go. It exudes just the right amount of shine, adding some warmth and a feminine touch to whatever outfit you pair it with.


5. Judith March Woven Clutch ($25): This woven beauty will effortlessly add earthy vibes to your style. The tassel-adorned zipper is also one of the greatest things we’ve seen in a while. It looks good and makes managing the tiny zipper a cinch.


6. Rebecca Minkoff DIY Fringe Clutch Kit ($79): If you really want to get down with the fashion week vibes, this DIY kit by the talented Rebecce Minkoff herself is the crown jewel of clutches. Plus it’s timelessly beautiful, so it’ll be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.


7. Bando Peekaboo Clutch in Mint ($24): The cool colors of this minty beauty are where it’s at. Imagine toting this refreshingly hued bag around while wearing your fave gorgeous ensemble of a white tee, skinny jeans and super chic heels.

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