Picking a paint color for your home can feel like a huge decision, especially with all the Pinterest-perfect neutrals and trendy pastels to choose from. And when it comes to nationwide preferences, people only grow more divided. In case you鈥檝e ever wondered how your tastes compared to everyone else who lives in the US, the folks over at Behr paint have created this super sweet infographic to break it down by state. Check it out and get inspired to bring a little more (or less) color into your space.

From the findings, each state鈥檚 natural landscape appears to have a huge influence on its preferred paint color. For example, folks in the PNW are attracted to deep, mossy greens, while those in Arizona go for a rosy hue that looks an awful lot like desert rocks. Neutrals are a nationwide favorite, and there are a few states who dare to stand out, like Texas with its choice of vivid green, Oklahoma with mandarin orange, and DC鈥檚 wild berry purple obsession.

Big cities like New York and LA seem to prefer lighter shades, and that鈥檚 probably due to the fact that small rentals look bigger in bright whites and softer pastels.

So whether you鈥檙e inspired by your hometown landscape, are seeking a shade that lightens up your tiny city rental, or you鈥檙e just craving some more energy on your walls, use your state鈥檚 favorite color to guide your next room makeover.

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(Infographic via Behr; Photo via Getty)