If you’re not already familiar with B+C Online Classes, it’s time to get in the loop. We offer interactive classes taught by talented creatives from far and wide, in just about every subject you can imagine! We’re adding new classes every week to our already-awesome lineup of subjects, like screen printing, watercolor painting and handbag design, just to name a few. It’s basically everything you’ve pinned on your Pinterest project board and haven’t gotten around to.

So how does it work? When you buy a class, it’s yours forever, to follow along at your own pace wherever you want. Make your creativity resolutions, and who knows: Your new hobby could make you the next #quityourdayjob success story. Scroll on for what’s new in February!


1. How to Crochet Class + Kit ($49): Raise your hand if you can’t keep crocheting and knitting straight. Same here, but then Meredith Crawford of One Sheepish Girl came along and taught us awesome crochet techniques, like a foundation chain (Hint: not a dance move) and magic ring (Hint: has nothing to do with Hobbits). If you’re into the idea of a new fireside hobby or lap project for your commute, this is it!


2. Intro to DSLR Photography Class ($39): You’re ready to level-up from your camera phone, huh? DSLR is definitely the key to being taken seriously as a photographer, and Jenna Kutcher’s instruction makes next-level photography so easy. You’ll quickly fill up your blog, website, Instagram feed and photo frames with stunning photos, because at the end of the class, you’ll know exactly what all “those buttons” do. Oh, and this class doesn’t even require a kit — just grab your camera and let’s get to it!


3. Modern Scrapbooking Class + Kit ($49): What happens to your Instagram photos once they’ve had their moment of fame? In Amy Tan’s scrapbooking class, you’ll learn how to give them second life by printing and designing gorgeous scrapbook pages. Get those 2015 photos ready for the ultimate #tbt as you put together a “year in review” mini photo booklet. Scrapbooking is a clever way to showcase those little things you want to keep but don’t have a good place for… like photo booth pics, concert ticket stubs, souvenirs from travel adventures + more!


4. Intro to Latch Hook Class + Kit ($41): In case you haven’t noticed, weaving is so in right now. We’re super happy to have the Brooklyn-based Maryanne Moodie, who’s a bit of a celebrity in the weaving world, to teach it for us. Learn a special technique of weaving called latch hook to create a woven piece that will color up your coffee table or add fun texture to your walls. Check out Maryanne’s Instagram for her latest swoon-worthy creations and feel inspired to make some of your own!

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