While you may have been busy drinking + celebrating St. Patrick鈥檚 Day early over the weekend (how鈥檚 that hangover?) and prepping for some Irish bread + cabbage tomorrow, you may have totally forgotten to prepare for this week鈥檚 commute. Have no fear, as we found five things that we guarantee will power you through to Friday. From Glee music to a food podcast and a female-powered publishing site, you鈥檒l be able to dip into a little bit of everything throughout your five-day workweek.


1. Femsplain: This shared experience content publisher, founded by Amber Gordon, is powered by contributions from anyone female-identified, so naturally it鈥檚 overflowing with good stuff. Every month has a theme, and March is focused on fear. With articles ranging from 鈥淲hen Panic Grips Your Body鈥 to 鈥淚 Made My Dreams Come True. And Then I Gave Them Up.,鈥 this site 鈥 which is also described as a movement 鈥 provides a safe space for female-identified people to learn, connect and grow. Trust us: You鈥檒l be wrapped up in this from the first sentence of the first article you open.


2. Glee Series Finale (Stream the music on Spotify or buy on iTunes + Google Play): After six seasons, 121 episodes + more than 450 songs recorded, FOX鈥檚 musical comedy is ending its run on Friday. Though there have been hits and misses throughout its time on air, the cast of the glee club provided a ton of pop culture moments and fantastic takes on countless songs. While Lea Michele and the rest of the cast showed their vocal range off constantly, we鈥檒l always hold the playful + dreamy Britney Spears episode dearly in our hearts. #wereaslaveforBritney


3. Burnt Toast (Available on Soundcloud + iTunes): This new bimonthly podcast from Food52 鈥 the site that helps you become a better, smarter and happier cook 鈥 will whet any food lover鈥檚 appetite. Filled with BTS info on what doesn鈥檛 make the cut for the site to convos about food culture + controversial food topics that sometimes turn into good-spirited debates, this audio chat will leave your ears hungry for more than just a sample. While we totally recommend listening to this show, we don鈥檛 suggest doing it on an empty stomach.


4. Follow @blueeyedbiblio: The book club has officially gone virtual, thanks to this library-like Instagram account. The feed is filled with what 18-year-old Emily Ables is currently reading (where鈥檚 Homemakers, Em?), snaps of her book hauls (she loves a good bookstore shopping spree ;) and gorgeous images of her full bookshelf. Heads up: Make sure to take notes while scrolling through the photos, as these are the tomes you should be tearing through.


5. Dwelp ($1.99 for iOS): This *little* puzzler will have you thinking hard your entire way to the office. Completing puzzles by linking same-colored dots seems easy at first, but once you connect two, the others become locked. If you complete all 120 puzzles of the game you can either restart or beg the developers to make more 鈥 your choice.

What are you using to get through this week鈥檚 commute? Let us know in the comments.