The days of searching and struggling to find what to thumb through after you finish the latest OMG-can’t-put-it-downbook are finally over thanks to a new website that acts as your personal book club leader.

What Should I Read Next? is an intuitive site that gives you suggestions on books you should read based on titles you have enjoyed in the past. By using an algorithm similar to Netflix and Amazon, the site pulls up titles that are in the same genre as say, Fifty Shades of Grey. Nice to meet you, Bared to You.

The layout of the site is super minimal, looking similar to a library catalog. All you do is enter in a title or author in the search bar and What Should I Read Next? pulls up a list of suggestions. Whether the search brings up books you’ve already devoured (you’re totally allowed to reread ’em) or introduces you to new titles, you can make an account and create your own reading to do list within the site. Interested in learning more about a specific title? Click through to Amazon for a synopsis or to buy the book with a few quick clicks. Bookworms, your oasis has arrived.

Will you be using What Should I Read Next? to help you build your 2015 reading list? Let us know in the comments.