A chaotic office is a catalyst for extra stress in the work day. Which, TBH, is the last thing any successful boss lady needs. Mina Fies, designer and creator of The Renovation Roadmap, couldn鈥檛 agree more. In fact, her whole career is based on bringing better vibes to your surroundings. Through Feng Shui, she shows how banishing clutter and restructuring your space can stimulate energies to make you more effective. Scroll on for her easy-to-follow tips and you鈥檒l be thanking us come promotion season!

1. Position yourself to win at work. With a lot of things that are out of your control at the office, it鈥檚 easy for your days to start to feel unmanageable. But rearranging your setup could help shift the balance. Begin by positioning your chair facing outward toward the door, with a solid wall behind you. 鈥淭his switch will ultimately help you feel more secure and in control of your space,鈥 Fies says. Talk about a total power move.

2. Choose your palette based on your job description. You鈥檝e probably heard that different hues can trigger different moods. Well, it鈥檚 definitely true for your office. That鈥檚 why Fies suggests to pick a color palette that matches the needs of your profession. For roles involving quick decision-making (looking at you, marketing and PR pros), red is your shade. Alternatively, blue is calming, making it perfect for high-stress professions like healthcare and law. And for an energizing boost, Fies recommends yellow, which is ideal for nurturing environments such as schools or day cares. Try playing around with a few to find what works best for you.

3. Align your accessories with your goals. According to Fies, accents can affect energy too. For example, a chic succulent promotes the idea of growth, while a fragrant candle awakens the senses. Likewise, a desk light stimulates focus, while a bubbling fountain creates a peaceful sensation. Reevaluate your accessories to see how small investments can take you from stressed-out to emotionally grounded.

4. Relocate based on your priorities. Feeling distracted while working in that trendy coffee shop? Studies show that the space you鈥檙e in directly correlates to your thought patterns. So you might want to change locations based on your work priorities. For creative brainstorming sessions, Fies suggests areas with tall ceilings and open spaces. For more analytical tasks (think: spreadsheets and number crunching), a controlled environment without any noise is key. To attain this, she recommends the site Noisli for soothing sounds that help create a Zen feel and block out annoyances. In any case, mixing it up with a new locale will put things in a fresh perspective that can only work in your favor.

5. Keep things clutter-free. Ultimately, all of the above tips 鈥渨on鈥檛 mean much if your workspace is in disarray,鈥 says Fies. Therefore, tackle small tasks every day to keep your place tidy. Discarding any broken or no-longer-needed items from drawers, for instance, will help keep clutter from spiraling out of control. By getting in the habit of clearing your desk daily before you head home, you鈥檒l ensure that your next day will kick off on the right note. And given your quickly accumulating to-do list, you can use that extra advantage.

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(Photos via The Renovation Roadmap)