The standard wedding video can usually be summed up as shots of friends sending their well wishes, a walk down the aisle and a heartwarming first dance. But these young newlyweds opted for a different approach: They taped a GoPro camera to a bottle of Fireball whiskey and filmed everybody taking a swig.

The drinking started with the groomsmen in their hotel suite and continued all day long. Everyone from the bride to the some of the older guests took a shot (or two) from the bottle. Aside from documenting all the wedding guests in a fun way, this video also captures some pretty great reactions to, um, delightful cinnamon-spiked whiskey. Some seem to take it in stride and while others appear to have a harder time choking it down.

Considering cold and flu season is among us we can’t help but think “Germs! Germs! Germs!” while watching everyone play pass the bottle — but I guess when two families become one their germs are your germs… right?

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