Who says all wedding dances have to be slow and sappy? Turn off Barbra Streisand, crank up Michael Jackson and shock everybody with some fancy footwork. If you need a little inspiration to get those toes tapping, here are 13 weddings that seriously excel in the choreography department.

1. Hip Hop Happening: We really wish we could move like these two.

2. India to California: Watch this bride and groom surprise everyone halfway through their seemingly traditional dance with a little bit of Tupac.

3. Tastefully Tarantino: An unexpected Pulp Fiction tribute gets the whole bridal party dancing.

4. Mother Son Mashup: We are gushing over this adorable mother son dance where they jam out to everything from the Dixie Chicks to Soulja Boy.

5. Better Belieb It: This cute groom surprises his lady with a nearly perfect Justin Bieber performance — back up dancers and all.

6. Musical Mazel Tov: Watch this epic duet with the groom and his new father-in-law, and then basically everyone except the bride.

7. Baby’s Big Dance: Because obviously this list would not be complete without a Dirty Dancing homage.


8. Swinging Away: No surprise element needed here. This couple just swings the heck out of their first dance.

9. Disco Daddy: Clearly this hip papa hit up a dance club or two in his day. Or from the looks of this video, it could have been more like just yesterday.

10. Beyoncé Boys: Updated requirements for being a groomsmen: throw a bachelor party, escort the bridesmaids down the aisle, wear high heels and dance to Beyoncé.

11. What Makes You Beautiful: This impromptu dance party makes the groom pretty beautiful to us. The moves may have been on the simpler side but that just made it easier for the rest of the guests to join in.

12. Baby Got Back: We want to see this classic redone — how about to the tune of “Anaconda”? We’ll see what we can do…

13. You Betta Work: The bride’s man of honor interrupted his own speech to show off an insanely well choreographed (and just downright hawt) routine to Britney’s latest and greatest single that also packed in some really sage advice.

How do you feel about fun, surprise wedding dances? Would you ever try this on your big day? DID YOU?! Share us a link to the vid below!