Your social media addictioncould be a good thing, you know. In fact, with a little creative know-how, your favorite social media platforms can actually work to help inspire a good old-fashioned sweat session. Here are nine tips to successfully use your go-to tech tools to springboard an active, nutritious lifestyle.


1. Listen to Podcasts: For a hands-free way of keeping up with social media, open up your ears to health and fitness podcasts. It’s like listening to a blog post or a Twitter chat while you commute, craft or clean. Plus, podcasts are chock full of information and advice — what’s not to love?

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2. Comment + Interact: Skip online stalking, and instead use your digital platforms as an opportunity to poll followers about products, recipes or exercises. Find out what works for them and what doesn’t. Ask food wizards and fitness gurus for substitutions that suit your lifestyle. Get a conversation going and listen to the ideas of others… it is called social media, after all!

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3. Focus on Instagram: If you want a constant source of fitspo, follow your favorite athletes, trainers and fitness gurus on Instagram. Thanks to the visual nature of this beloved platform, we get a glimpse into the everyday lives of the super fit. We are reminded that they do normal things like clean the house, deal with bad days and take silly selfies. They’re just like us and we can be like them, too! (Photo via Michelle Wie)

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4. Make a Twitter List: If Twitter is your jam, take advantage of the list feature. It’s easy for tweets to get lost in the shuffle but a well-curated list can save the day. Simply compile experts, bloggers and organizations in one place for easy access. It’s a fool-proof way of making sure you never miss a tweet.

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5. Join a Mailing List: Sometimes, we’re just too busy to click through our favorite blogs. Instead, sign up for newsletters and get updates sent straight to your inbox. Websites love to highlight their most noteworthy pieces in each newsletter, making sure you never miss the latest and greatest. Many websites even offer a freebie for signing up. For example, GRIT by Brit will send you a 4-week shape up plan for joining her newsletter!

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6. Set Calendar Alerts: Whether you’re an iCal lover or a Google Calendar gal, your digital datebook can help jump start a healthy habit. This can be anything from drinking a cup of water (aim for 8-9 a day) or periodically stretching at your work desk. Don’t forget to program each notification as “recurring” to keep up the habit.

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7. Curate a Pinterest Goal Board: Pinterest is an excellent tool for creating a virtual goal list. Set weekly or monthly goals and pair a visually inspiring image for each one. We’re talking recipes, motivational quotes and whatever sparks your determination. Plus, it’s way prettier than a list of plain ol’ text.

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8. DIY a Pinterest Goal Board: Once you’re done pinning, use your craftiness to bring your goal board to life. Standard clipboards are perfect for taking your goals off of the screen and onto your wall. It also doubles as customized wall decor that can be easily rotated and changed. Win!

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9. Use an Online Recipe Box: Instead of hunting for that long lost web page, save your meal ideas on one (or two) platforms. While Pinterest is an ideal starting point, apps focused solely on grub are useful for the more serious foodie. These platforms often have awesome features like meal planning and shopping lists.

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How do you use social media to live a healthy lifestyle? Share your thoughts below!