In honor of our somewhat obsessive Pinterest love, we decided to flip it on its side and share clever uses for the website that will provide you with even more reasons to pin away. From DIY “cards” to scavenger hunts for date night, we’re going to make sure your pins don’t just sit on those boards. The possibilities really are endless, but here are a few of our favorite ideas to get you started.


We’ve all had those moments when we want to share a birthday message with a friend, but want it to be more than another Facebook post or a simple text. What if we told you there was a way to send a friend a recipe for cake, an adorable DIY and multiple images curated just for them in one simple message? All you have to do is log in and pin. Using Pinterest’s message feature, you can create a board as you normally would, but fill it with fun party ideas or sweets for their birthday. Once your board is ready, click on the three dots symbol located on the far right corner of your Pinterest board. The first option will allow you to “send board,” and that is exactly what you want. Then add a personal and private message just as you would write in a handwritten card. From here, you can send it directly to their Pinterest account or via email.


Whether you’re sending a birthday message or some fun ideas for your next craft night, think about including pins that include utility and novelty. For example, include pins that link to simple DIY projects or pretty images to inspire your very own projects. Check out our Pinterest account for fun content to get inspired. Below are a few of my very own Pinterest “cards” to get you started. Whether it’s for an occasion or just because, your friend will surely appreciate it.


Happy Hour: Gathering your friends for a happy hour can be a difficult task with varying schedules. This Pinterest card is the perfect way to set the tone and build excitement with plenty of delicious cocktail ideas for a happy hour at home.


New Home: Moving can be a scary yet exciting time. Send a friend that moved a sweet reminder that you’re ready to help them make it feel like home with a bunch of fun DIY projects and decor ideas.



Planning date night is always a difficult task, and after so many hours of thinking about what you want to do, you usually end up at your go-to restaurant. Since you’re already using Pinterest to pin all the things you want to do, why not pin a location to it and spark a little creativity for your next date. (Guys, take note!)

Using Pinterest’s interactive map, pick local hot spots or hidden gems in your city and pin them to your dedicated date night board. When it’s time to plan the next date night, simply open up your board and follow the adventure you created. On the other end of the spectrum, it’s also perfect for an epic scavenger hunt surprise as your guy digitally guides you through places that have special meaning. This totally brings us back to a similar concept where this couple melted our hearts in a Google commercial.



If you want to take your Pinterest planning beyond your own neighborhood, it might just be the perfect time to plan an adventure in an entirely new destination. Whether you’re planning the kind of trip where you want to see every attraction or simply lay on the beach, taking the time to visually map it out will leave you stress-free.

The best part is that Pinterest can serve as your personal travel planner. With so many ideas that already exist on the site, it’s a one-stop shop for turning your travel dreams into a reality. There are even boards catered to specific interests, such as Architectural Digest’s board for New York Design above, featuring attractions that also have an aesthetic appeal.



Resolutions are no longer just for the new year. In fact, we can set new goals for ourselves every single month. Whether it’s trying new recipes, working out more or just simplifying our office space, we’ve likely pinned several lifestyle tips on these topics already. And when we can’t stop pinning (because we’ve all been there), great ideas can get pushed to the bottom of a board and… completely forgotten. Instead of simply pinning and forgetting, use every new month as a chance to bring those great pins back to top-of-your-mind status.

Using Pinterest’s recent update to move pins in bulk from one board to another, go through your existing boards and checkmark pins that you want to achieve during the month. Move all of the pins to a featured board for that month and use it as your own personal bucket list. Just don’t forget to include a few motivational and inspirational pins to keep you on track.

What are your creative ideas for using Pinterest? Let us know in the comments!