If your SoulCycle instructor became your sweat-it-out soulmate this past year, know that your affinity for all things two-wheeled *will* be tested in the new year. According to the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual fitness trend survey, which polls thousands of fitness experts around the globe to determine the upcoming year’s hottest ways to work out, spinning is out — along with online training (remember those fitness apps you DLed?) and Zumba, among other once-hyped routines. For those truly stuck on the saddle, it might be a whole lot easier to score a front row spot in class starting January 1 (silver lining), but if you’re one to follow fads, hang up those clip-ins: these are going to be the biggest fitness trends of 2015.

1. Bodyweight Training: The number one fitness trend of 2015 is all about getting back to basics (and making sure your form is completely on point). Tried-and-true, weight-free moves like squats, lunges, push-ups and planks prove that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it rings true in the fitness world, too. Plus, ruling out equipment means this is the most inexpensive workout around. Keep it effective by powering through your moves with an explosive force. After all, there’s nothing sadder than a slow burpee.

2. High Intensity Interval Training: While HIIT was knocked out of the top spot, it’s still got a seat at the cool kids’ table. That’s because the give-it-all-you’ve-got workout, which consists of quick bursts of exercise followed by short periods of recovery and rest, torches fat. Considered one of the most effective forms of cardio, the full-on fitness routines, which can be done in just 30 minutes or less, also increases your endurance and speeds your metabolism, making all those high knees *actually* worth it.

3. Educated, Certified + Experienced Fitness Professionals: This trend is not a workout at all. Instead, it sheds light on just how in-demand training, motivation and tough love from certified pros is. Luckily, the industry is hearing us loud and clear: the survey reports an exponential growth in educational programs for trainers across the health and fitness industry — everyone from personal trainers to boot camp coaches to Pilates instructors. That means as more workout buffs turn into real-deal powerhouses, they become more accessible to us gym rats (and hopefully become more affordable, too). *Do* show up to your weekend cardio class to keep this topic #trending for years to come.

4. Strength Training: You want to flow into a yoga headstand or execute that roundhouse kick as gracefully as Jillian Michaels? Then you have to be strong, and training with weights is a foolproof way to increase your clout. We’re past the point where we think using weights to improve or maintain strength = bulking up like Ben Affleck for Batman, so get strong and toned by using heavier weights with fewer reps to exert your muscles and increase your metabolism. Or if weights are just so out of the question, try a plyometric workout and increase your speed at the same time.

5. Personal Training: That personal training is trending should come as no surprise. Not only because there are (and will be) more certified fitness pros around than ever (see fitness trend 3), and that a tailored-to-you program is the most streamlined way to reach your fitness goals. But also because now we’re way more intrigued with, and even accustomed to, keeping tabs on every aspect of ourselves thanks to wearables. Constant feedback and immediate accountability is the new norm, although as much as we love our Jawbones, it is nice to high-five another human when you finally run that 35-minute 5K.

The rest of the top 20 fitness trends for 2015 include a wide range of workouts, from high-intensity boot camp to low-intensity circuit training and every kind of yoga you can think of. Other to-be-trending workouts include super personalized routines like group personal training and wellness coaching, which is like a personal trainer-nutritionist-life-coach hybrid, as well as multiple worker-related fitness programs, both on and off office grounds (looks like you should follow up with HR about that treadmill desk). Outdoor activities like hiking, skiing or even kickball help you break free of the gym walls, while exercises targeting specific health issues, such as childhood obesity and aging adults, aim to turn formerly untapped demographics into full-fledged health nuts safely and at their own paces. Looks like in 2015 fitness is officially a family affair.

What exercises are going to kick off your 2015 fitness routine? Tell us about ’em in the comments below and — who knows — your favorite way to sweat just might start #trending!

(h/t Self)