When people way back when pictured the future 2000’s, they saw… pods. Pods that we lived in, pods that we traveled in, pods that we worked in, or um, that robots did our job in. And they weren’t entirely wrong. Pods are definitely a part of our future-present, but not in the way the Jetsons suspected. If anything, pods are the future of our home cooked meal, and Flatev, the tortilla-making machine is here to prove it now.

Huh?! Yes, that’s exactly what we said when we saw a Tweet from Digg that read: “Someone Invented A Keurig For Tortillas.” As big fans of kitchen innovations and even bigger fans of tortillas as eating utensils, our interest was piqued and our mouth watering.

Sure enough, just like a Keurig, or a Nespresso and even easier than an Easy Bake Oven, Flatev works in seconds to spit out a fresh flatbread after you pop a dough pod into it. The dough is made from stoneground corn flour and water and comes in different flavors like Honey and Chili and Cheese. In their colorful little demo video, the creators show the flatbread maker sitting right on the table at dinner, popping out hot, fresh tortillas just like mama would have kneaded them if not for the machine.

If you’re taco connoisseurs like we fancy ourselves to be, you know the difference between a store bought tortilla and the real deal. We haven’t tasted the pod-uct of Flatev’s hard work, but if it’s anything close to authentic, we would include this on our Kitchen Gadget Wishlist.

We see kooky ideas all the time, but this ain’t a flash in the non-stick frying pan — their Pinterest boards filled with recipes of wraps from around the world hint at Flatev thinking past the corn tortilla and the official site’s FAQ confirm that the machine can make “rotis, chapatis and more.” The company even has a whole tortilla-flippin’ team that looks like they mean business. Business we want to invest in with a side of guac, byeeee. Join us and put your name on the waiting list to pre-order the Flatev now. Pricing is still being finalized, but they’re expecting the machine to retail for $300 and the pods less than $1 each.

All we need is a Foodini + pods filled with beans, rice and salsa and we have a taco station assembly line straight from, well, 2015 at least.

Would you invest in a Flatev machine? What other meal or type of food do you think should get the Keurig treatment?