It’s official: Spring is in the air — and in our hair. This season, we’re lettin’ our locks loose and accessorizing them with buds of all shapes and sizes. While flowers for spring aren’t exactly groundbreaking, we couldn’t help but channel our inner Andra Day and take the trend from tired to red carpet-worthy. Scroll on to see how you can incorporate these pretty petals into your everyday routine.

1. Blue and White: No matter what color hair you’re sporting, these baby breath flowers add the right amount of sweetness to your look.

2. Sweet and Wild: Make your hair stand out from the crowd by adding bundles of tiny pink flowers throughout. Pro tip: Keep them in place with bobby pins that match your hair color.

3. Breaded Buds: Give your braids an upgrade by adding multiple buds in between the plaits.

4. Tiny Blooms: If you’re having a bad hair day, add a few (or a lot of) little buds through your locks to mask the chaos.

5. Baby Breath Crown: Create the illusion of baby’s breath with itty bitty bling.

6. Pink Minis: More is more when it comes to this look. Place a few flowers throughout your hair for dimension and texture.

7. Metal Petals: Want some drama in your life? Take your hairdo to a whole other level with a giant metal headpiece.

8. Gold Headband: Nothing is more romantic than a flower crown, amiright?

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