You probably know about our obsession with 3-D printing by now. Who knows, you may have even become hooked yourself. But whether you’ve gone out and purchased one of our 3-D printers yourself, or just like the idea of creating something cool in a new way, you’re going to love the newest tech on the robotics DIY scene: an affordable robotic arm that will change how you create.

The Flux Integration FLX.ARM is the first of its kind: an affordable, compatible robotic arm. Cheap robotic arms for 3-D printers and otherwise used to be closer to toys than tools. Anything nicer and you were looking at over $10k in costs. The arm falls between the two, helping smaller businesses to print and create the products they need, without having to purchase a lot of expensive machines to get the job done.

FLX.ARM is super flexible, moves smoothly and is capable of extremely detailed operations, like you can see in this impressive 3-D printing exercise.

The arm is also compatible with plenty of already existing tech. It can easily find a role in an assembly line, help with the 3-D printing mentioned above, or simply pick things up and place them somewhere else, if that’s more your style.

Oh, and that pricetag we kept talking up? It’s under $2,000, AKA totally affordable for most small businesses and (at least some day) maybe even hobbyists like us. We definitely want to add one to Brit + Co SF.

What would you use this new robotic arm for? Tell us in the comments below!