Ready to get seriously techie? It seems like the world of 3D printing just keeps getting cooler and cooler as the months go by. This month is no exception. From a “Terminator” arm to horrific Halloween figurines and cappuccino art, we’ve rounded up the latest and greatest in 3D printing news. Let’s get started!

1. 3D Printed “Terminator” Arm: If you haven’t heard, the London Science Museum has a new 3D printing exhibition titled, 3D: printing the future. With over 600 printed objects on site, it’s one serious 3D party. One of the highlights? This awesome “robohand.” And yes, we totally think it looks like something out of the The Terminator, too. In reality, it’s a 3D printed mock-up of a prosthetic arm, “but it shows circuits that sense temperature, feel objects and control the arm’s movement.” Wow.

2. Structure Sensor: The Structure Sensor is the first 3D sensor for mobile devices. How does it work? Just attach the Sensor to your iPad and start walking around. The Sensor will 3D scan objects and rooms… in just seconds. With this “spatial computing,” you can then send 3D images to anyone in the world. Oh, and the Sensor can capture anything within 3.5 meters (roughly 11.5 feet). Pretty cool. Currently a campaign on Kickstarter, prototypes are expected to ship out in November 2013.

3. Khora: With Khora, you can turn any image into a 3D piece of art. Just upload your image to their web app, edit (you can choose from a variety of materials, colors, and cut styles), and submit. Your artwork heads to production and within days, your 3D masterpiece is delivered to your doorstep. It’s that simple! The launch date for Khora’s image processing is still TBD, however, their Kickstarter campaign will be kicking off in 6 short days. Stay tuned for more.

4. Supermarket 3D Printing: Want to 3D print a miniature version of yourself… while you shop for groceries? Asda is banking on the assumption that you do. The UK supermarket chain is debuting a lifesize scanner at its York store today. You, or your dog, or anything else, can hop in the scanner. After two minutes, your scan is sent to a production facility and 3D printed in ceramic soon after. Interested in your own ceramic mini-me? It’s time to start shopping at Asda.

5. 3DMe Horror: Speaking of mini-mes, why not make your own for Halloween? For just $69.99, you can print your own horrific Halloween figurine. First, you choose a character. They have witches, bloody nurses, zombies, vampires, and more. Then, you customize it. Is your character short or tall? Small or large? Do you want two bloodstains or three? The usual. Then, you upload your picture. Ta-da! Your frightening figurine will be delivered within days.

6. FABtotum: The FABtotum is the first low cost Desktop Personal Fabrication Device. It lets you print, cut, mill, and scan on ONE device. The ability to scan is one of the coolest features on this machine. You can scan solid objects with a built-in laser scanner and touch probe digitalizer and then duplicate them on the spot. So yeah, this is basically the ultimate maker’s machine and it’s going on our Christmas list STAT.

7. 3D Printed Jack-O-Lantern: What happens when you give a geek a carving knife? In addition to turning out some insanely cool tech-inspired pumpkins, we hope they check out this no-carve 3D printed jack-o-lantern. We have to say, it’s pretty darn cute. Thanks to TheNewHobbyist for posting this tutorial on Instructables. We need to get Mike, our resident 3D printing expert at Brit HQ, to whip up a few of these for the office ASAP. Halloween is only a few weeks away!

8. Blizzident: Blizzident is a 3D printed toothbrush tailored to your teeth. And you only have to brush for six seconds. Here’s how it works: Your dentist takes an impression or scan of your teeth, and sends it to a dental lab. They scan it, create a digital 3D model, and uploaded to the Blizzident server. Instead of brushing by manually moving the brush back and forth, you simply bite and grind your teeth for a few seconds. Six seconds, to be exact. Miraculously, all of your teeth are cleaner than they ever have been before, and you just brushed all of them at the same time. Kind of amazing, eh?

9. Pinhole: Currently a project on Kickstarter, Pinhole is a 3D printed pinhole camera. It’s easy to use, can be mounted to a tripod, and takes 6cm by 6cm images. Ready for the analog twist? This 3D printed gizmo uses film. We dig it. Go ahead and add one to your holiday wish list because the Flyer 6×6 camera will be shipping out in December 2013.

10. Screw You Vase: The design label Layers has come up with a way to repurpose all those empty plastic bottles in your recycling bin—introducing the Screw You Vase. Available in black or green, their 3D printed PET bottle screw top will turn 12 plastic bottles into a conversation-worthy centerpiece. Retailing at around $200, the Screw You Vase may not be cheap, but who knew water bottles could be so chic?

Bonus: Cappuccino Art: Cubify recently 3D printed this amazing cappuccino art using their Colorstone material. We can’t think of a better way to start the day.

What 3D printing news did we miss? Talk to us in the comments below!