It鈥檚 time for Season鈥檚 Greetings, y鈥檃ll. Holiday cards are the perfect way to catch friends and extended family up on all the happenings of this year. They鈥檙e also a great way to show off your photography chops. So after you鈥檙e done decorating and sipping on cocoa, you鈥檙e gonna want to get started on these super cute polaroid-style cards.

Download Photoshop Instructions + Working Files

This project will require Photoshop, so if you鈥檙e not super comfortable with it yet, you should check out our Intro to Photoshop Online Class! The amazing Teela Cunningham will teach you all you need to know over there.

Ready? Great! Turn on your favorite holiday movie and let鈥檚 get started.


PROJECT MATERIALS (included with download)

  • Gold-foil-texture.jpg
  • Silver-glitter-texture.jpg


1. Prepare the fruity smoothie file (found in Teela鈥檚 class) by going to your layers palette (Window > Layers) and turning off the soft-orange watercolor layer. Turn off the fruity smoothie lettering and water drops layers, too.

2. Double-click on the background layer to unlock it. Double-click again to bring up color options. We鈥檝e gone with dark teal and dark red, but you can choose any color! Teal is RGB 0, 48, 58 and red is RGB 124, 0, 0.

3. Use File > Place to place the file above the fruity smoothies lettering layer. Scale and rotate it to your liking.

For full Photoshop instructions, download the project guide above.

And there you have it! Some gorgeous holiday cards to send out to your family. Trust us, they will be super impressed.

Show us pics of your finished cards by mentioning @BritandCo with the tag #iamcreative.