Set these cookies out for Santa, and he will have no idea there’s something missing. No, not the requisite glass of milk… the gluten. These 18 recipes all share that trait, but no question, each is just as festive as their gluten-full counterparts. We’re featuring several naturally gluten-free cookies, so even those who don’t stock their pantries with alternative flours can enjoy baking up a few batches without a special trip to the grocery store.


1. Spritz Cookies: These classic, buttery cookies are just as irresistible as their gluten-packed counterparts. (via Glutenista)


2. Gingersnap Cookies: You know, these cookies get all (ginger)snappy with us and we’re somehow totally okay with that. It’s just in their nature. (via Against All Grain)


3. Seven Layer Cookies: Not gonna lie, these Italian-American almond and chocolate cookies are a bit involved. On the plus side, they make a big batch and are even better than any you can buy at the bakery. (via A Sage Amalgam)

4. Grain-Free Cut Out Cookies (Paleo): These modern wreath cutouts are so chic. Made without eggs, you can even enjoy using this versatile almond flour dough in no-bake sweets. (via Power Hungry)

5. Coconut Macaroons With Chocolate, Ginger and Pistachio: Candied ginger and chopped pistachios add a little extra pop (in more ways than one) to this classic macaroon recipe. (via A Tasty Love Story)

6. Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies: So swanky, yet so simple, these cookie sandwiches come together in a snap. Simply stick a marshmallow and crushed candy canes in the middle of two still-warm cookies, allow ’em to fuse together as they cool and then get ready for some munching. (via Gluten-Free Mom)

7. Gingerbread Cookies: Gingerbread cutouts aren’t getting booted from the holiday classics inner circle any time soon. These are certainly no exception. (via People)


8. Nonna Approved Anisettes: You don’t have to be a black licorice fan to enjoy these Italian Christmas cookies. If Nonna approves, they’ve gotta be delish. (via Dina’s Cucina)

9. Flourless Nutella Marshmallow Cloud Cookie Cups: We can almost taste the rich, chocolate cookie cups topped with a plume of marshmallowy buttercream. Oh yeah, Nutella also makes an appearance. (via Cupcakes and Kale Chips)

10. Four-Ingredient Peppermint Cookies: Gluten-free cake mix is the trick for making these cookies in a snap with just a few ingredients. (via Sweet C’s Designs)

11. German Marzipan Christmas Cookies (Paleo): These naturally grain-free cookies feature a homemade maple-syrup-sweetened, vanilla-scented almond paste. You’re gonna love these moist, surprisingly healthy (as far as cookies go) treats. (via The Clean Dish)

12. Milano Cookies: The holidays may be a time for giving and all, but we won’t fault you for making a secret stash of these Milano cookies for your own enjoyment. (via The Little White Kitchen)

13. Raspberry Linzer Cookies: Customize the flavor and look of these stained glass sweets by subbing in your favorite preserves in place of raspberry. (via The Dusty Baker)

14. Salted Pistachio Nutella Cookies: With their finishing sprinkle of bright green nuts, these chocolatey cookies definitely coordinate well with holiday decor. (via Food Mouth)


15. Chocolate Mint Meringues: These meringues are a great gluten-free choice for everyone. They don’t require any special flours — just egg whites and a few other pantry staples — so they’re especially well-suited for last-minute baking. (via Shugary Sweets)


16. Chai Spiced Snowball Cookies (Vegan): With a spicy flavor reminiscent of pfeffernusse, these cookies earn high marks for being extra special diet friendly. (via Cafe Johnsonia)

17. Homemade Circus Animal Cookies: Use festive cookie cutters and food coloring to make these snack aisle favorites even more appropriate for the holidays. (via Mrs. Penguin)


18. Peppermint Bark Cookies: A batch of these holiday favorites will set you back a mere fraction of what they’d cost you at the store. Pssst, and those other ones aren’t even gluten-free. (via Gluten-Free Canteen)

Which of these gluten-free cookies tickles your fancy? Let us know your favorite one(s) below!