You know we're all about ways to combine geek with chic, and the summertime is no exception. For our first installment of Geek Chic Swimwear, we present 4 sexy swimsuits that do more than look good.

1. The QR Code Swimsuit ($120): Nerdy dudes can rejoice at having a legit excuse for snapping a photo of that hot girl at the beach.

2. UV Meter Bikini ($190): This bikini, by Canadian swimwear company Solestrom, hits the market next month, and is billed as a skin damage life saver. Built into the belt of this bikini is a UV meter that beeps to tell wearers when to head to the shade.

SmartSwim Bikini ($50): Also by Solestrom is the SmartSwim UV Bikini. This bikini uses color-changing beads to show you when it's time to take a break from the sun. It's definitely less precise than the UV meter, but is also more affordable.

Solar Powered Bikini (made to order): That's right. A bikini that doubles as a charger for anything that can charge off a USB connection! The suit is a regular bikini that has been retrofitted with small photovoltaic film strips sewn together with conductive thread. This swimsuit is not meant for serious swimmers, but for sunbathers and loungers. Custom orders are being taken now, and we hear rumors of a male version that uses solar power to keep a beer coozy cool!

Stay tuned for more geek chic swimwear in the weeks to come! If you know of any awesome suits that speak to our inner geek, leave us a note in the comments below. We love to hear from you!