There are tons of different ways to keep track of your fitness, from Jawbone to Fitbit to Lumo and more. But most of these handy trackers aren’t necessarily the most chic accessories to be rocking all day and night. But now there’s Withings Activité. The latest fitness tracker looks just like a fancy Swiss Watch, but will help you track your health and exercise in serious style.

Created by the same company that brought us the WiFi-enabled scale, Activite is the product of Parisian designers and Swiss watchmakers who have mastered an elegant, sophisticated look that resembles a Rolex more than a running gadget. Activité is able to do all of the same things that other fitness trackers do, including monitoring your steps, counting calories burned, calculating distance traveled and analyzing sleep patterns. You can even take this water resistant gadget to the pool with you. (Score!)

Have an iPhone? You’re in luck. Activité pairs with an iOS app called Health Mate that lets you set goals and monitor your progress. It connects to your watch via Bluetooth to sync seamlessly throughout the day. It’s available in either black or silver, and the sapphire glass face works as a touch screen to allow you to change modes whenever you like. The large dial keeps time like a normal watch, and the smaller dial tracks your daily progress and goals. Getting excited?

This sleek watch boasts all of our favorite things about other fitness gadgets, with all of the things we’ve wished they had too, in one practical design. Hats off to you, Withings.

Although Activité comes with a steep price tag ($399), it’s clearly a genius way for people to get the best of both the fitness and fashion worlds. We see this making a big splash when it’s released this fall. We can’t wait to test it out ourselves. Sign up on the company’s website for notifications about when the watch will be available for purchase later this year.

What do you think about the Activité fitness tracker? What type of gadget do you use to monitor your health and activity? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

(h/t Engadget)