When it comes to waiting for the Gilmore Girls reunion on Netflix, the struggle is real. We’re all fighting the urge to hyperventilate over the behind-the-scenes peeks and actor tweets. Since endless amounts of coffee at Luke’s isn’t an option, planning a stellar watch party is a great way to count down the days and hours (and minutes) until GG is back. So light those Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow scented candles, stock the coffee cart and get the GG-approved food ready — it’s time to party like a Gilmore!


1. Dessert Sushi: What kind of Gilmore Girls party would this be without a sugar overload? Go with a sugary treat that’s simple and sophisticated — something Lorelai and Emily Gilmore would love. (via Sweetest Kitchen)


2. Pigment & Parchment Stars Hollow Poster ($38): We’ve all dreamed of growing up in Stars Hollow and brunching at Luke’s at some point. This adorable map makes for great party decor but *may* cause extreme fictional wanderlust…


3. New York Style Pizza: No Friday night at the Gilmore’s is complete without a visit from the pizza delivery guy. Live it up Gilmore style at your watch party with a cheesy tribute to their favorite food. (via Feeling Foodish)


4. Luke’s Diner “No Cell Phones” Printable: Decorate your kitchen like the best diner in Star’s Hollow with this free printable. Even Luke probably wouldn’t mind if the attendees Instagrammed it. (via Finding Stars Hollow)


5. Herbed Salted Garlic Parmesan Fries: Mrs. Kim once referred to French fries as “the devil’s starchy fingers,” but any Gilmore-themed party just *has* to include the gateway junk food. Stick them in a bowl next to the popcorn and your guests will feel like they’re at the Gilmore house for movie night. (via How Sweet Eats)


6. Roaring Softly Gilmore Girls Mood Chart ($12+): This silly tribute to Stars Hollow’s quirkiest characters would make for some A+ watch party decor! And the #TeamJess crew will definitely approve of this one…


7. Classic Chilton Cream Puffs: Pay tribute to Rory’s short-lived ventures with Chilton’s top secret society. Just make sure your guests recite the membership poem before eating: “I pledge myself to the Puffs, loyal I’ll always be; a P to start, 2 F’s at the end and a U sitting in between.” (via Baker Bettie)


8. El Muchacho del Burro Super Cool Party People Embroidery Hoop Art ($25): Give props to an episode title from the sixth season and add a little festive flair to your space. You can also tear a page out of the Lorelai Gilmore Party Book and show Pretty in Pink after the new episodes air.


9. Fruit Loop Glazed Donuts: If these had been available at Luke’s Diner, there’s a good chance that the Gilmores would never leave. Prep these and display them diner-style in the kitchen to make your guests feel like they stumbled into Stars Hollow for the night. (via Sweetest Kitchen)


10. Where You Lead, I Will Follow Printable: Before you get ready to belt out the GG theme song with the rest of your guests, this gorgeous printable needs to be proudly displayed somewhere near the festivities. Get ready to sing! (via Sam Mutai)


11. Heartificial Gilmore Girls Enamel Pin Set ($10+): Enamel pins are all the rage ATM, so it only makes sense that any true Gilmore-lover needs these proudly displayed with the rest of their flair. Hand them out as party favors or trivia prizes!


12. Lorelai Gilmore Cocktail: Repeat after Lorelai: “The drinks fortify us. The drinks give us strength. The drinks get us drunk.” And, of course, any cocktail tribute to Rory’s mom needs whipped cream, sprinkles and coffee. (via Sarah Galactica)


13. WB Shop Gilmore Girls Mugs ($15): It’s believed that over 500 cups of coffee were consumed during the show’s run. So natch, any watch party needs a favor that pays tribute to their drink of choice.


14. Greenwich Letter Press Luke’s Diner Key Tag ($7): These adorable key tags would make great party favors. Even if you can’t actually grab a bite to eat at Luke’s, at least you’ll have a key to the place!


15. Coffee Cart Inspo: Coffee is pretty much the third Gilmore, so it must be included in any decent watch party. Set up a coffee station near the drinks and throw in bottles of Baileys and Kahlúa. (via A Beautiful Mess)

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