If you spent years imagining that Gilmore Girls‘ Luke poured your brew every morning (perhaps even in your very own Luke’s mug?), your dreams are (sort of) about to come true as you sip a cup of coffee straight from the source himself. The actor behind Luke’s character, Scott Patterson, is officially launching his own brand of coffee (because of course he is).

Gilmore Girls’ Scott Patterson Has His Own Brand of Coffee

“I’m developing my own coffee brand,” the actor told WealthManagement.com during a recent interview. “We’re almost ready to launch, but we want to have our ducks in a row before we come out with it.”

Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee (awesome name, BTW!) is not just a side project for Patterson; it’s something he’s apparently putting his full focus toward, saying, “Quality coffee is something that I am obsessed with. It’s the thing I look forward to every morning and throughout the day and throughout the evening and now throughout the middle of the night.” We hear ya! Mmm, coffee.

There are few details known about Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee while the perfect brew is still being concocted, but Patterson has high hopes for a nationwide launch.

Considering that fans were more than just a little eager just to try out coffee from pop-up Luke diners — the paper cups alone were being resold for as much as $99! — we have no doubt that they’d be even more excited to try out some coffee that’s been selected and perfected by the RL Luke himself.

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(h/t Refinery29; photos via Sarah Morris/Getty)