As if the Netflix Gilmore Girls revival, A Year in the Life wouldn’t keep giving us little GG gems. Many of us aren’t even over the mini-series (and we’re not ready to talk about it either, okay?), but the cast is happy to keep sharing bits of intel with us that we never knew before. Star Scott Patterson, who plays Luke, was recently asked by Elle Magazine to spill the beans on some of his favorite parts of the show, and we’re living for his answers.

In an adorable two-minute video, set in a diner, Patterson answers some Gilmore Girls fan questions. His answers for everything are so on point, including his reveal of what his all-time favorite moment in the show was: When Luke pushed his nephew Jess (played by Milo Ventimiglia) into the lake after an argument.

While we doubt this was one of Milo Ventimiglia’s favorite scenes to shoot, we love that this moment between the two of them ranks so high on Patterson’s memories of filming the original show. It’s moments like these that set the show apart from so many others, and what keeps those of us who love Gilmore Girls as steadfast fans as always.

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(Photo via Warner Bros)