Flamingos? Been there. Pastel themes? Done that. It’s time to get creative with your bestie’s baby shower by bringing in movies, childhood favorites, cakes, travel, and more. It might mean a little DIY on your end, but these concepts will help make the event unique and memorable in in so many ways. We’ve found a few ideas for the next baby in your squad so get ready to be deemed aunty (and hostess) of the year.

1. Grand Budapest Hotel: The finest baked goods from Mendl’s, L’Air de Panache, and so many other touches make this a playful and eclectic theme to embark on. This Wes Anderson setting is by far the most colorful. (via MATH)

2. Beyonce’s Lemonade: Lemons + the Queen Bee’s lyrics = party perfection. Put together an event that screams girl power, #wokeness, and independence. Haters need not attend. (via Bespoke Bride)

3. The Tropics: Utilize all the lush foliage, bamboo, and tiki goodies for decor. Then set up a throne for the mama and let her be fanned by palm fronds all afternoon. (via Reality & Retrospect Photography / 100 Layer Cake)

4. Shooting Star: Twinkle twinkle, little girl. Between “Pin the Tail on the Comet” and space-related food puns for the buffet, this event will be outta this world. (via Club Crafted)

5. Feminist Party: Invite guests to bring feminist-inspired gifts, offer pink party hats, and say cheers to a bright future led by women. (via Coco Cake Land)

6. Golden Girls: Sisterhood at all ages is worth celebrating, even when the squad is being shady. Create a shower worthy of the Golden Girls as you welcome a new one to the crew. (via Fawn Prints)

7. Lil’ Cutie: Citrus as a theme: Why not? The punchy color scheme works well for summer or fall and allows you to serve tons of fresh fruit without the buffet throwing off the palette. (via Project Nursery)

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