Today, I’m proud to walk you through yet another #GiveItAWeek challenge, which, as it turns out, was a pretty successful one! ;) Using the incredibly talented illustrator, Darcy Miller, as my muse, I attempted to brush up my drawing skills for seven days straight. Of course, a little education from Rad and Happy’s doodling class, some of our own Brit + Co classes, and TONS of great tips from you helped me kick off the week on the right note. Curious to see how my artistic skills fared? Keep scrolling below, then follow along with the rest of my #GiveItAWeek story on Instagram: @brit.

Give It a Week Drawing 5
Give It a Week Drawing 4
Give It a Week Drawing 2

Let me start off by saying this was one of the fastest creative learning curves I’ve had in awhile! Thanks to mastering the basics, skill repetition, and extra motivation by my surroundings, I really got the knack of things by day seven. Here are a couple tips I learned: Start with something simple, like a circle, as a great foundation point for flowers, people, or just about anything that stems from a “round” base. Another fun idea is to doodle the same item over and over again. This really forces you to get creative and a bit silly too — drawing 50 versions of a tree is hard work! Some of them turned into spirals, some into squares, some were short, and some were tall. Another exercise was to take a cue from my surroundings, like a flight across the country or a cameo at a popular cooking show (more on that here!), which resulted in better, or at least more inspired, sketching.

Yet, most importantly, as I was busy drawing from a restaurant, from 10,000 feet in the sky, and from the comfort of home, I learned that the true nugget to it all was simply finding my style — and owning it! Learning to see an item and adding my own creative flair to it was what it was ALL about — who would’ve thought?!

Since practice really does make perfect, I’m going to keep this drawing thing up for a while to maybe come close to mastering talent of some of my favorite illustrators, like Jesuso Ortiz and Mr. Doodle. (Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

P.S. For those of you trying to fine-tune your own drawing skills, B+C has lots of great classes to get you started, such as Intro to Ink Illustration and iPad Illustration.

Happy doodling!

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