While we haven’t fully delved into the kids portion of Brit + Co, health as related to creating your family is definitely on our minds, especially as new apps and innovations aim to make the process easier, more fun, and healthier. First up, Glow!

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, or you’re thinking about it a couple of years down the road, you’ll want to keep Glow and Glow First on your radar.

Developed and funded by Max Levchin, one of the founders of PayPal, Glow is an app that will help track pinpoint your most fertile days in addition to helping track how you’re feeling on those days. The end result, they hope, will be that couples have an easier time conceiving.

Start by inputting information about your cycle, weight, and tracking your basal body temperature (aka your lowest body temperature usually captured first thing after you wake up). This will help the app figure out the days you’ll be most fertile. You can also keep track of your mood, any pregnancy tests you take, and host of other things that will help you figure out when you’re most likely to conceive. The app will also send you reminders to take prenatal vitamins and connect to both your calendar and your partner’s calendar so you can plan date nights on your most fertile days.

The most innovative portion of Glow, is actually Glow First, a kind of insurance policy for those who use the app, but might still have trouble getting pregnant. Because infertility costs are frequently considered “elective” by insurance companies, they can be massively expensive, and out of reach for many couples. So with the fees collected by monthly users of the app, a fund will be created to help offset costs of infertility treatments for those couples who aren’t able to conceive after 10 months of using the app.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Glow and Glow First as they launch, how about you? Is having a baby on the horizon? Would you use Glow to track your fertility?