To be a part of the Brit Team, you have to be a Gmail pro. It’s not easy, but with practice you’ll be sending out emails as fast as you send texts. First off, ditch the mouse. Tell it that you need some space to reinvent yourself and to be less dependent on your relationship. And really, who needs a mouse when you have awesome keyboard shortcuts to save you time and make you the most efficient Gmailer ever??



  • Decrease text size: Command + Shift + –
  • Increase text size: Command + Shift + +
  • Numbered list: Command + Shift + 7
  • Bulleted list: Command + Shift + 8
  • Align Left: Command + Shift + l
  • Align Center: Command + Shift + e
  • Align Right: Command + Shift + r
  • Remove formatting: Command + \


All the following shortcuts need to be enabled under your settings in order to use them. Just hold shift and click ?, which will lead you to the “Enable” button.

  • Go to inbox: g then i
  • Starred conversations: g then s
  • Go to sent messages: g then t
  • Go to drafts: g then d
  • Go to all mail: g then a
  • Go to contacts: g then c
  • Go to tasks: g then k
  • Go to label: g then l


  • Compose: c
  • Compose in a new tab (new compose only): d
  • Search mail: /
  • Search chat contacts: q
  • Full keyboard shortcut help: Shift + ?


  • Archive: e
  • Report as spam: !
  • Delete: #
  • Reply: r
  • Reply in a new window: Shift + r
  • Reply all: a
  • Reply all in new window: Shift + a
  • Forward: f
  • Forward in a new window: Shift + f
  • Mark as read: Shift + i
  • Mark as unread: Shift + u
  • Mark as unread from the selected message: _

What keyboard shortcuts do you want to learn about next? Let us know in the comments below