No one likes dealing with parking, ever. Especially not when you鈥檙e living in a big city.聽Here in San Francisco, like in most cities, some of the most popular vehicles are electric scooters. They鈥檙e way easier to park than a car, and they cut down on our daily carbon footprint. But who likes waiting for their ride to charge when all you really want and need to do is go, Go, GO? Good thing the Gogoro smart scooter knows what鈥檚 up.


The Gogoro runs on two removable battery packs that can聽run聽for 62 miles on a single charge. The smart scooter can go from zero to 35 mph in less than five seconds and can reach a top speed of 59 mph. Whenever you鈥檙e running low on juice, open up the Gogoro app to find the closest GoStation and head on over. GoStations hold multiple, pre-charged battery packs that allow you to swap your low batteries for a fully powered pair.


If you want your batteries to last longer, you can click the 鈥淪mart鈥 button and your Gogoro will conserve power by tuning the torque and dimming the headlights whenever you鈥檙e at a complete stop. When you want to personally manage levels of energy efficiency, you can do so within the app.


To start up this bad boy, you鈥檙e gonna need the Gogoro iQ System Smart Key, which uses Bluetooth connectivity.聽When it鈥檚 time to park and lock, your smart key will automatically lock your scooter when you鈥檙e out of range鈥 or you can manually lock it.


Since it鈥檚 often tough to remember where you parked, the app will take you to your scooter without a problem. What鈥檚 more? The app immediately notifies you if your ride needs a checkup. AND!!! It can even set up an appointment so you can quickly go in for service. Yes, it basically does everything.


Oh, and you say you like the color hot pink? Using the app, you can customize the colors of your dashboard along with the sound effects of your scooter and even the light patterns of your turn signals.


Gogoro still has yet to unveil which big city they will release their first batch of smart scooters and GoStations in, but we鈥檙e keeping our fingers crossed for San Francisco. Stay updated by adding your email onto their list serve here.

Where do you want Gogoro to come to? Would you sell your Smart Car or electric scooter for a Gogoro Smart Scooter? Go, go, go! Tell us in the comments!