Candles are such a great addition to a table, a mantle, or anywhere you want to create ambiance. Since the holidays are upon us, we decided to make gold color-blocked candle holders which will be festive for the entire season. After all, gold goes with every event. Classy holiday party, check. Hanukkah dinner, check. New Year’s Eve soiree, check. The best part? You can buy everything you need for this DIY in one convenient kit. Purchase it here!

Materials (Buy them here!):
wooden candle holders

– painter’s tape

– white, gold, and gold sparkle paint

– paint brush

– candle sticks

– gold candle cups


1. Paint the entire candle holder white and let dry.

2. Wrap a piece of painter’s tape around the candle.

3. Make sure the tape is pressed down on the candle holder so that the paint won’t seep underneath.

4. Paint above or below the tape, depending on where you have created your line.

5. Continue to add coats until there aren’t any streaks.

6. Add a coat of glitter paint to add some shine!

7. After all of the paint has dried, peel the tape.

8. Push (or hammer) the grommet into the top of the candle holder

No matter which holiday you are celebrating this month, these gold and white candle holders will make your house look festive. We’ve done these before in our Halloween shop, but they are so great we had to bring them back for the holiday season.

First on the list, you need to paint the entire candle holder white. We did three coats, but you should do as many as you need to make the white pop.

Once that dries, you’ll fashion some handy painter’s tape to the stick. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, make sure you really seal the edges of the tape along your line. If not, your paint will leak under the tape and you’ll end up with a wonky line.

For the gold paint, make sure you continue to add coats until there aren’t any streaks. We want bold gold! And to make it even more shimmery, we added a top coat of glitter paint.

Wait for the paint to dry, and then it’s time for the part you’ve been waiting for – peeling the tape. We’re sure you’re dying to see how it looks underneath!

To really class up these candle holders, we added a gold candle cup to the opening of the candle holder. If you can’t push them in, grab a hammer and pop those guys in.

Add some candles and you are ready to go!

How do you class up classic holiday decor? Talk to us in the comments below.