These days, emoji can speak louder than words, but if there are no emoji to express what you want to convey, then there are no words. That’s why plenty of peeps would like to see more of the little pics representing women and not just gender stereotypes (sure, we may love rainbow nail art, but why are all the professional emoji men?). A team over at Google has decided to tackle the issue head on by proposing 13 new emoji showing ladies in different jobs doing their kick-butt professional thang.

Google women emoji

The Google peeps presented their ideas to Unicode Consortium, who happen to be the all-mighty masters of the emoji (or rather, the tech organization that decides which emoji will grace our phones), and offered 13 new ideas. The newly proposed emoji would see women in various careers (yes, men will be represented, too), like a farmer, teacher, rockstar or chef, to give options as wide-ranging as women themselves.

Google women emoji

The suggestions also include a doctor, nurse, scientist, graduate, office worker, software engineer, factory worker, high tech industry worker and mechanic/repair person, making it a great first step to getting better representation for the ladies.

All the ideas are designed in a bright-yellow, classic happy face-ish look, so we would also love to see more diversity for non-binary folks, but like we said, good first step. Now, let’s just see these emoji approved and keep the good (inclusive) things rolling.

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(h/t BuzzFeed, photos via Google/Unicode)