Voting Booths

Knowledge is right at our finger tips these days, thanks to Google — you never have to wait too long to find out the answer to your burning questions. Voting is every citizen’s civic responsibility, but sometimes figuring out the complicated registration process is so daunting, people don’t want to bother. Starting Monday, however, Google is about to make our lives so much easier. Every time someone Googles the phrase “register to vote,” results will come back with explicit instructions and how to sign up in your state.

Internet perusers will be able to see the exact requirements (for mail, online and in-person registrations) and deadlines of the state they are in at the top of their searches. The company hopes that this will encourage people to register correctly and on time for the 2016 election. This feature will appear on web search pages and within the Google app.

The tech co. is also amping up for the Democratic and Republican national conventions later this month. Search results for either convention will include a summary of events, information about the nominees, a list of speakers and reactions pulled from social media.

Although this election season seems like it may never end, we are just getting started. Now get out there and vote!

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(h/t The Verge; photo via Google + Getty)