When you have a large social circle, corralling all your friends together to actually do something can prove more challenging than hitting a bullseye blindfolded. Coordinating schedules is such a nightmare, plans often end up falling apart before they even come to fruition. Google has come up with a simple yet brilliant solution to this exact problem with their brand new app aptly titled “Who’s Down.”


The extremely attractive interface is also foolproof to use. All you have to do is toggle on your app to let your friends know you’re available to hang out. If you have a particular event or get together in mind, you can set up a specific hangout time you’re “down” for, like “grabbing tacos” or “going for a hike.”

All your other friends who are free at the moment (that is, they have their app also toggled on to signal they’re free) can opt in to your event. Then, you can easily message your friends who are also down to coordinate your plans. Easy breezy. You could potentially even use the app to coordinate next year’s Halloween group costume ;)

Hopefully this means the end for flakes ruining your plans!

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