It’s the time of year when society divides itself into two groups: the planners and the folks who fly by the seat of our pants. Whether you’ve already tested recipes for spooky black cocktails and stocked up on candy or you’re still figuring out what to do for Halloween, it’s time to band together and tackle October 31 like a bunch of champs. To save you hours of Googling, we’ve rounded up 100 — yes, 100 — of the most awesome group Halloween costume ideas out there. Because look, we can’t all be Pizza Rat this year, but we can all be something awesome.


1. The Golden Girls: Let’s give credit where it’s due: Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia were the originators of #squadgoals. (via A Beautiful Mess)


2. Classic Pin-Up Girls: A bandana, a victory roll, a cat eye and a bright red lip and boom! You’re a bodacious 1950s bombshell. (via @saralawmua)


3. Milkshakes: Dress up as a neapolitan trio of cherry-topped milkshakes and you’re sure to bring everybody to the yard. (via @studiodiy)


4. 1920s Partygoers: Who needs Gatsby living next door to party it up in true flapper fashion? Roll some stockings up those gams and let’s go! (via Glam Radar)


5. The Little Mermaid: Forget the prince! If Ariel and Ursula joined forces with everyone under the sea, it’d be a never-ending musical jamboree, no +1 needed. (via Sun City Pinup Dolls)


6. Saved By the Bell: Channel your inner Slater, Kelly, Zach and Jessie with some sweet threads straight out of the late ’80s. Just don’t forget the old-school cell phone with an antenna bigger than your head. (via E! News)


7. KISS: It may take a try or two to get the makeup just right, but the payoff is worth it when you look as rad as these rock stars do. (via @hannahbananagram)


8. French KISS: If you’re a fan of puns (and baguettes), this option gives you creativity points and a snack for the end of the night. (via The Muse)


9. “Intergalactic” Beastie Boys: Step inside the party and disrupt the whole scene dressed like the coolest and most timeless video Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock ever made. Feel free to stir fry haters in your wok. (via [edit] radio)


10. A Six-Pack: Why not give new meaning to BYOB and be your own beer? Of course, please drink responsibly. (via Buzzfeed Community)


11. Five & Dime: Hit all the high notes dressed as a Disney-approved doo-wop group Five & Dime. Just be prepared to take song requests. (via @erikaenchanted_)


12. The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oh, how we love Jack Skellington and Sally Finklestein. If you’re rocking Halloween as a trio, whoever wants to stay the warmest can elect to go as Oogie Boogie in a cozy burlap costume. (via Kaiser Mony/Deviant Art)


13. Burners: You don’t have to journey to the playa to rock a Burning Man look. All of the fun, none of the sandstorms and bonus burner points if you ride up to the party on a light-up bicycle. (via @lys_inger)


14. Steve Zissou’s Crew: Wes Anderson fans, unite! Why not join forces like the Belafonte team and dive into Halloween together as one? (via PopSugar)


15. Will Ferrell’s Career: From Ron Burgundy to Buddy the Elf, Will Ferrell has had himself a heck of a career. Celebrate all its wacky glory with every character he’s ever played. (via Reddit)


16. Where’s Waldo: It’s a lot easier to find three, five or eight Waldos than just one, but that doesn’t make the game any less fun. (via @stgnantucket)


17. Goldilocks + The Three Bears: Classic bedtime story characters are never boring when they’re rendered as artistically as this. (via A Beautiful Mess)


18. Chewie’s Angels: Can’t decide between dressing up as Charlie’s Angels or a trio of Chewbaccas? Problem solved. (via IB Times)


19. The Four Seasons: Simple, cute and comfortable, this quartet of costumes is as cool as can be. (via Raider Voice)


20. Miley Cyrus Then + Now: Miley’s been through quite a style evolution over the years. Document her journey from child star to wild child in just four outfits and roll into the party like a wrecking ball, y’all. (via @racheldances101)


21. Old Hollywood Glam: Classic stars like Audrey and Marilyn never go out of style. So spray up that ‘do, pencil in that brow, throw on that dress and prepare to wow the crowd. (via Flickr)


22. Emojis: You know you use them more often than any human should, so why not own your emoji addiction and wear it on your sleeve, err, face? (via Lazy Dad’s Guide to Everything)


23. Cave People: If you really want to kick it old school, take it way, way back and rock some bones and animal skins. (Faux, of course.) We’ve come a long way since they days of hunting and foraging, after all. (via @sharst96)


24. Saturday Morning Cereals: Who doesn’t love the sugary cereals of our childhoods and the mascots on their boxes? Get your crew ready for Saturday morning cartoons by outfitting yourselves in your fave flavors from back in the day. No need to choose between Trix or treats! (via @seskewes)


25. Mr. Men + Little Miss Characters: Remember all the sweet characters from that adorable book series? These costumes are easy as pie to make and you can choose one that fits your personality. We call dibs on Little Miss Sunshine! (via @sammity)


26. Hungry Hungry Hippos: With just some shoeboxes, plastic cups and wrapping paper, you’ve got yourself a living board game. Sorry, marbles not included. (via @turtleyenoughfortheturtleclub)


27. Sims Getting Out of the Shower: Admit it: You laughed. How great is this? (via Buzzfeed Community)


28. Toy Story: Relive your favorite childhood memories and one of the best Pixar movies ever all in one night. Unlike the cinematic version, there won’t be uncontrollable crying at the end. (via Buzzfeed Community)


29. Mad (Wo)Men: Don Draper’s not the only fashion plate from Mad Men — the ladies had some great getups too. (via Brit + Co)

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.43.39 PM

30. Holiday Mean Girls: Whether you dress up in their everyday garb or their holiday show ensembles, this costume’s gonna be totally fetch, no matter what Regina says. (via @tessajade93)


31. A Rainbow: This one requires a bit of immobility to pull off completely, but hey, even if you don’t spend the whole night piled on top of each other, roll into the party like ROYGBIV and people will still get the point. (via @lightning_shock)


32. Steampunk Crew: Longing for a time before everything was interconnected and things were a bit more simple? Pay homage to the Industrial Age with this group costume. (via BlameTheEconomy/Deviant Art)


33. Merryweather + Flora + Fauna: Everybody loves a fairy godmother. Watch out for everyone’s best interests as the trio of good fairies from Sleeping Beauty. The costume itself is simple enough to find or make, but figuring out how to fly is totally up to you. (via Full Cosplay)


34. Sugar Skulls: Arguably one of the most beautiful and artistic things you can create with makeup, the sugar skull isn’t just pretty, but it also has rich cultural significance behind all that artistry. Halloween is the perfect time to study up on the traditions of Dia de los Muertos, and here’s a perfect place to start. (via All Womens Talk)


35. Harlem Globetrotters: Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Harlem Globetrotter? Even if you can barely dribble a ball, you can still have fun pretending for just one night. (via @nat_eunhye)


36. Friend Fries: Who needs french fries when you’ve got friend fries? Just make sure none of your friends are claustrophobic first. (via Lake Flato Dog Run)


37. Disney Princesses: These lovely ladies are always a favorite Halloween go-to, and we’ve got the hair tutorials right here to perfect your look. (via Brit + Co)


38. Hocus Pocus: Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and a pre-Carrie Bradshaw SJP all came together for one perfect movie in the 1980s, and we haven’t forgotten a line of it since. Round up the coven and conjure up Winifred, Sarah and Mary… if you dare. (via @areized)


39. Bob’s Burgers: If dry humor and juicy burgers both appeal to you, there’s no better cartoon to bring to life this year than that of the Belcher family. (via Buzzfeed Community)


40. Famous Artists: Get in touch with your artistic side by bringing out your inner Andy, Frida or Vincent — that’s Warhol, Kahlo and Van Gogh, for those of you who slept through art class way back when. (via Lake Flato Dog Run)


41. Waving Wind Sock Men: The best part about this costume is that you get to bring joy to everyone you see without standing out in the sun all day and worrying if you’re affecting sales or not. (via @jgeast)


42. Fruit Salad: Friendship is naturally sweet, right? Celebrating that sugary goodness with group costumes is easy peasy, lemon squeezy. (via Brit + Co)


43. Bath Sponges: Even if you plan on diving into a vat of candy, here’s a foolproof way to keep it clean. (via @kathitatti)


44. The Wizard of Oz: There’s no place like home, and there’s nothing like dressing up as a classic cast of characters to make a fun night that much more awesome. (via Funny Cool Halloween)


45. A Clockwork Orange: Feeling a little avant-garde? Give a nod to Kubrick’s acclaimed cinematic feat with some pieces you’ve probably already got in your closet. (via @mirimiribus)


46. Inside Out: We still can’t get over how great this movie was. Now that it’s finally streaming, we’re reliving it over and over again, both on our screens and IRL. (via Brit + Co)


47. Gargoyles: With costumes as scary as this, you’ll be keeping the creepers at bay all night long. (via Instructables)


48. Classic Disney Characters: Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy will never go out of style. #Fact (via Hopie-Chan/Deviant Art)


49. Beer Pong: Talk about an interactive series of costumes. Why bring the game when you can be the game? (via @steph_sashimi)


50. Deck of Cards: Whether you go as a royal flush, a full house or four of a kind, decking yourself out in a show of solidarity is always a good idea. (via @beautymrk)


51. SNL Characters: Who can forget Wayne, Garth, the Spartan cheerleaders and the Blues Brothers? Not us, and not the TODAY show cast, either — that’s why they dressed to the nines as their favorite fellow (fictional) NBC alumni. (via TODAY)


52. Disney Villains: Because who says princes and princesses get to have all the fun? (via @mis_mik)


53. Grand Budapest Hotel: You and your friends can relive all the adventures of M. Gustave and Zero… well, maybe not all of them if you don’t have access to a train, but still. (via Brit + Co)


54. Clueless: Think you can’t pull off a perfectly preppy ’90s ensemble worthy of Cher Horowitz’s approval? Whatever. (Photo via @ayegarrity)


55. My Little Pony: As cute as they are colorful, this classic kids’ franchise makes for plenty of imaginative costume possibilities. (via Deviant Art)


56. Literal Spice Girls: We’ll tell you what we want, what we really really want: for you to spice up your life as literally as you can this Halloween. (via Buzzfeed Community)


57. A League of Their Own: There’s no crying in baseball, just like there’s no crying in costumes that hit a home run like these do. (via The Social Butterflies)


58. Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Crew: Tay-Tay is the queen of everything these days, so let a little of that magic rub off in the form of a butt-kicking Halloween getup. Get ready for action and refuse to take any crap from mortal enemies. (via Brit + Co)


59. Wet Hot American Summer: Paying tribute to this comedic reboot is no sweat, thanks to the easy breezy summer camp stylings of the cast in both the original and rebooted versions. (via Brit + Co)


60. Laundry Day: No need to separate lights and darks; just throw it all in together and see what happens. (via Inhabitots)


61. Social Media Icons: If heading out together dressed like this doesn’t get you a ton of likes, hearts and retweets, then it means the entire Internet is broken. (via Her Campus)


62. Superhero Legos: Ever a favorite of builders and makers everywhere, LEGOs are what gave a lot of us the ideas for our very first projects as kids. Pair them with classic superheroes and you’ve got a winning combination on your U-shaped hands. (via Instructables)


63. Rock Paper Scissors: This is perhaps the most democratic of all group costumes; all three of you are pretty much guaranteed to come out a winner at some point. (via @thefbi88)


64. #TBT: Pick a decade, any decade, and throw it back to those days of yore with total abandon. (via The Muse)


65. Kraftwerk: Red shirts? Check. Skinny black tie? Check and check. Slicked back hair and a touch of musical genius? Perfect. You’re ready to rock. (via Instructables)


66. Three Little Pigs + The Big Bad Wolf: It’s a perfect twist on the cautionary childhood tale when the wolf turns out to be tinier than the pigs, and that’s part of why we love this version so much. (via @h2o_4_u)


67. S’mores: What’s sweeter than a S’more? Nothing, that’s what. Except maybe a family dressed like one. (via Cheerios and Lattes)


68. Beanie Babies: Not only are the pint-sized creatures cute and cuddly, but they’re also awesome inspiration for animal-inspired makeup like this. (via @bregnova)


69. Grease: We’ve got chills, they’re multiplying. Good and Bad Sandy? The Pink Ladies? Danny Zucco and his crew of greasers? The list goes on and on, just like the final refrain of “You’re the One That I Want.” (via Brit + Co)


70. Archie: Are you an Archie, a Betty or a Veronica? If you can’t decide, just draw straws from a milkshake meant for three. (via @alli.niels)


71. Sushi: With a group costume idea as simple and delicious as this, you’ll be suited up and rollin’ with your homies in no time flat. (via Brit + Co)


72. Captain America and Agent Carter: Leave an air of patriotism everywhere you go in this all-American ensemble. (via PopSugar)


73. Sharknado: Shark Week costumes have been swimming around for years now, so step up your game by circling that Halloween party in a dangerously awesome Sharknado costume instead. (via San Diego Union Tribune)


74. Mad Max Tribe: We are not things: We are strong, fierce women, and that’s something to be celebrated. So smudge that eyeliner, practice that stare of determination, get out there and make Charlize Theron proud. (via San Diego Union Tribune)


75. Steam Punk Star Wars: On their own, Star Wars costumes are easy to find. All it takes is a little ingenuity to give them a hint of steampunk-inspired edge. (via Movie Pilot)


76. X-Men’s Villains + Anti-Heros: The world of action movies would be awfully boring if there weren’t bad guys to keep the plot moving. Indulge your inner bad girl (or boy) with these villainous alter-egos. (via Gamezone)


77. Simon: Players gonna play… a game of Simon. To keep things fair, you can all dress in black and trade off wearing the game board throughout the night, because teamwork. (via @dijonh)


78. Wreck-It Ralph: Ah, the perfect low-key, DIY, family-friendly ensemble costume. A pair of overalls, some arcade-inspired outfits and you’re good to go. (via @artworkbydrayy)


79. Crayons: There’s nothing more colorful than a classic pack of crayons. If you can’t decide who gets to be what, maybe take a Buzzfeed quiz to find out the color of your aura, and then dress accordingly. (via @carly.bobroff)


80. Candyland: How sweet it is to recollect our favorite childhood board game. And who says you can’t incorporate real candy into your costume too? No need to go door-to-door for that when you can supply your own treats with zero risk of getting tricked. (via @alyssalowery)


81. Hipster Star Wars: Start with your basic everyday Star Wars costumes, add a heaping helping of chill and then walk around telling people you were into The Force before it was cool. Hipster level achieved. (via @breastsandhair)


82. Gilligan’s Island: Long before Survivor, long before Lost, there was a captain, a skipper and their crew setting off on a three-hour tour that ended up taking a whole lot longer. Get your favorite modern-day castaways together and reincarnate those long-lost souls. (via @laurafull)


83. Big Bang Theory: Nerds really do make the world go round, so why not celebrate them with an ensemble costume befitting prime time? (via Cupcake-Rufflebutt/Deviant Art)


84. Toy Story Aliens: Love ToyStory but want to dress up in matching outfits? No worries, just take a cue from this crew so no one will feel… wait for it… alienated. (via @turtleyenoughfortheturtleclub)


85. Greek Gods + Goddesses: From Hera to Hades, there are plenty of larger-than-life characters to choose from in Greek mythology. Crack open those textbooks and find your own alter ego from the days of Dionysus and all his party people. (via @sfborello)


86. Up: Sure, the story was sad, but it doesn’t have to be when you and your crew show up with all those balloons. (via @barbaristica)


87. Reno 911: Keep all tomfoolery at bay by laying down the law — sort of — as this motley crew of Nevada’s (fictional) finest. (via @ryanka9)


88. Batman Comic Book Characters: With this onomatopoeia-filled crew, there’s never a dull moment. Take a page from their playbook and bring the party’s Ka-Pow! level up with yours. (via @no1_likeme)


89. Frozen: The cold won’t be bothering any of your friends when you dress up as the Frozen cast. If it does, there’s only one thing to do: Let. It. Go. (via @sariee_94)


90. Sesame Street: Can you tell people how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? Yes. Yes, you can. (via @bklous)


91. Jellyfish: Dangerous and painful? Yes. Beautiful at the same time? Also yes. And making this DIY costume is almost as fun as a dip in the ocean too. (via Brit + Co)


92. Futurama: Adult Swim fans, unite! Go back to the future… Futurama, specifically, back to those glorious days when it was on the air. (via Imgur)


93. The Addams Family: They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, and you can be them for a night. (via @___poison__ivy____)


94. Gremlins: Whether you choose to dress up as cute and cuddly Gizmo or devious after-dark Gremlins, you’ll be perfectly on point with your 1980s retro vibe. If it’s the former, though, just make sure no one throws water in your face or feeds you after midnight. (via @maytzehcano)


95. Napoleon Dynamite: Embrace your inner outcasts and head out as this oddly lovable, highly mismatched set of weirdos. And if you dress as Napoleon himself, you might want to practice drawing ligers in advance. (via The FW)


96. Curling Team: If your squad is high on team spirit and/or just happens to have some matching athletic gear lying around, then grab a flag and go get that gold. (via @voisme)


97. The Simpsons: They’ve been around so long now that they’re practically an institution on par with the Mona Lisa. Well, not really, but they’re still a household name. If you’re playing the part of Bart, you get to ride your skateboard everywhere, so that’s a win-win. (via PopSugar)


98. Pirates: Ahoy, matey! It may not be Talk Like a Pirate Day, but technically, you’ve got a loophole to take advantage of, so plunder away. (via Her Campus)


99. Bunches of Grapes: It’s never been simpler to transform yourself and a few friends into nature’s candy: just blow up a bunch of balloons, attach, and voila! You’re practically a vineyard. (via Instructables)


100. 50 Shades of Grey: For better or worse, it took movie theaters by storm this year, and at the end of the day it’s a conversation starter. There are two ways to tackle a 50 Shades costume: the expected way and the *awesome* way. (via PopSugar)

So, what’s your costume going to be this year? Spill in the comments below!