Online privacy is a funny thing. Some people keep all their accounts locked and erase their history every night, others send out TMI. But privacy settings for websites are more often than not 鈥渙ne size fits all,鈥 and you should really know what works best for you. Recently, Google has been killin鈥 it with updated security features, like a simplified two-step verification, and they鈥檙e back again聽with a聽new, sliding scale privacy feature that鈥檚 even more amazing.

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Google just introduced 鈥My Activity,鈥 a feature that allows you to see exactly what you鈥檝e been doing online. That includes search history, videos you鈥檝e watched on YouTube and anything you鈥檝e done on Chrome. These are all factors that determine which ads you鈥檙e seeing as you go through the web.聽But the cool part of this is that it allows users unprecedented access to which ads they鈥檙e seeing as they go through the Internet.聽So, if you keep seeing ads for kayaks 鈥斅爀ven though YOU SWEAR you only searched for kayaks ONE TIME 鈥斅爕ou鈥檒l be able to kill that search. Just delete the search from your Activity history and you鈥檒l never see a kayak ad again. Sayonara, outdoorsy spam!

But this program is unique in that users have to opt in to it, rather than being automatically enrolled in something they had no idea about and have to opt out of. (FINALLY! SOMEONE IS LISTENING TO OUR PRAYERS.) So, if you鈥檙e a fiend about your own Internet privacy, do nothing and keep your settings as is. But if you鈥檙e into the idea of knowing exactly what you鈥檝e done online, respond to Google鈥檚 call and activate My Activity.

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(h/t Wired, photo via Getty)