The moment we saw Lulu & Co’s Holy Chic beaded tee on Asos, we knew we had to make one of our own. One, because it’s hilarious. Two, because we’re not really down to spend $225 on a funny t-shirt, even if it has us giggling for days.

 – gray t-shirt

– printer (for printing letters)

– black fusible web

– sequin trim

– sewing machine

First thing to do is print out your letters. Cut them out with scissors or an Xacto.

Trace them onto the fusible web. Fusible web is a fabric that has iron-on adhesive on one side, making it easy to add custom designs to any fabric.

Cut out the fusible web letters and iron onto your tee.

Now time for some sparkle! Cut the sequined trim down so that it fits each of your letters. Then use a sewing machine or needle and thread to sew on!

Use scissors to trim off any stray sequins, and you’re done!


What other garments or accessories have you seen online that you’d like to try making? What other fun phrases would you sew onto your own beaded typography tee? Talk to us in the comments below.