With the recent burst of trees and flowers, we’ve got the itch to grow pot after pot after pot of plants. Succulents, fiddle-leaf figs, ferns — we want them all. But when you have so many plants, you need a place to keep them. Enter the greenhouse. Whether it’s a big one in your backyard or a small one on your balcony, filling a greenhouse with plant life can bring a sense of peace to any space, outdoors or indoors. Check out these 12 greenhouses and see what we mean.

1. Greenhouse Cabinet: We kinda adore this lovely glass-enclosed cabinet. It’s perfect for keeping your houseplants away from your pets and as a sort of incubator for starting seedlings for your garden. (via Remodelista)

2. Guest House Greenhouse: Ask yourself — who wouldn’t love to stay in a greenhouse when they visit friends? Give your guests the ultimate stay with a greenhouse guest house. (via BHG)

3. Outdoor Greenhouse: Use that sunlight to your best advantage by putting your greenhouse cabinet on your patio or deck. It’ll be an easy space to store your watering can too. (via Gardenerd)

4. Pool Greenhouse: The votes are in. If you can have a greenhouse covered pool, definitely go with the pool. (via BHG)

5. Terrarium Greenhouse: This mini-greenhouse acts like a terrarium for your kitchen counters or coffee table. Just imagine all your succulents thriving in there. (via Country Living)

6. Wedding Greenhouse: Are you in the market for a reception venue that will make a lasting impression? Go with a temporary greenhouse. (via Style Me Pretty)

7. IKEA Greenhouse: Once again, we have IKEA to thank for making something so lovely and useful. (via Hi Consumption)

8. Greenhouse Seating: We can totally see ourselves reading an afternoon away in a glass-enclosed porch like this. And if it’s big enough, you’ve just gotta have chairs. (via Dominique Decoratrice)

9. Indoor Greenhouse: Who says you can’t have a larger greenhouse indoors? Use a cabinet like this to bring some greenery into your living room. (via Divaani)

10. Greenhouse Studio: We are totally lusting after this greenhouse-like studio… (via Remodelista)

11. Bottle Greenhouse: Here’s one for all the serious gardeners out there. Save your bottle tops to put over those growing plants before they’re planted in the garden. (via I Love My Apartment)

12. Greenhouse Dining: If the yard is available, you could totally manufacture this outdoor dining space… and invite us over for dinner. (via One Kind Design)

Do you have a mini greenhouse? Would you consider adding one to your decor? Tell us below!