Thanks to services like ClassPass and gyms like Crunch, we’re currently experiencing a totally revolutionized fitness industry. Gone are the days where spin class and yoga were the only options for a group class. Now you can try on-shore surfing or a cocooning sesh. If even those are feeling a bit stale, there is a trending class that blends not just two but FIVE different workouts into one mega-packed class. Say hello to Gyrotonics.

Gyrotonics essentially blends the foundations of yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and t’ai chi into one power-packed hour. It was originally created by professional dancer Juliu Horvath. After an injury, Horvath developed the new workout which he informally dubbed “yoga for dancers” because it was a bit more fluid and circular than traditional yoga. It was first popular with dancers and then started gaining attention from the general public.

In a typical Gyrotonic class you’ll use a unique piece of equipment called a Gyrotonic Expansion System (or a GXS), which Horvath created. It looks somewhat similar to a pilates reformer. With the machine, you’ll begin a series of movements that are meant to strengthen muscles while simultaneously lengthening them.

The movements are primarily circular and flow together seamlessly and repeatedly, hence the “yoga for dancers” reputation. Like yoga, it can be done at your own pace and is meant for all levels. Regular practice is said to increase stamina, strength, coordination and flexibility.

Because the machines are quite complex (and expensive!) the classes usually aren’t super cheap. Depending on the location, they can range from $20-60 a session. There are over 3,500 studios open worldwide. If you want to give it a try, head to the official Gyrotonic website to find a studio near you.

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