We know you’re as much a fan of the coveted half-up look as we are, but mastering the perfect half-up style can be a bit tricky. Hear us out! We get you don’t want to look like a schoolgirl and do want to rock a ‘do with tons of volume. Enter this Pinterest-worthy hack that’ll meet all your spring hairstyle needs. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you put this hair DIY on constant rotation in the months ahead. Half-Mohawk, full-on fullness — we’re in!


The number one takeaway here is to anchor your sides as demonstrated above — that’s going to be your first step in hacking this look. Anchoring at the sides helps give your braid that Mohawk feel, and keeps the look from veering into ’80s territory. To pull off this technique, lift your crown up and out of the way. Next, pin back a one-inch section of hair on each side with vertically placed pins. Don’t worry — your pins won’t show because they’ll be covered by your braid.


Next, take the section of hair you lifted out of the way and tease it with a fine-tooth comb. For best results, split hair into three sections and spray a volumizing, root-lifting product on all three sections (one layer at a time), then tease your heart out. I like Not Your Mother’s Double Take Dry Finish Texture Spray ($11) or Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($44) for gorgeous, instant volume.


Gently grab hair from the sides and begin creating a three-strand French braid. Secure the end of your braid with an elastic band. I like Scunci Clear No Damage Poly Bands ($9). You’ll be ending your braid about two or three inches below your side anchor pins.

Add fullness to your braid by pancaking it, and pin in place to maintain long-lasting fullness. Scuni No Slip Grip Beautiful Blends Bobby Pins ($3) are great for ombres and blondes especially.

And there she is! Don’t you just love this Mohawk braided half-updo? It’s perfect for any festive occasion, or just dressing up your strands as a little gift to YOU. We love a style that provides effortless, long-lasting fullness in just a few minutes.

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Hair by Maritza Buelvas
Photography by Jennifer Coffey
Modeling by Danielle Maddox
Makeup by Shannon Rodriguez
Wardrobe by Veronica Sheaffer
Location Veronica Sheaffer Studio