Boo! Halloween is almost here, and we’re filled to the brim with candy corn, costumes and general craziness. Part of this goodness is all about the kiddos. We’ve teamed up with digital play studio Toca Boca to serve up 10 great Halloween activities for creative kids and parents. From nerding out and playing ghost in an imaginary home on your phone to making light-up LED headbands, there’s something for every creative kid on this list, whether you’re actually young or just young at heart ;)

1. TOCA BOO: This brand new (like seriously new — released TODAY!) app is a game that’s almost like a virtual haunted house where YOU do the haunting! Inspired by traditional Swedish storytelling, TOCA BOO is set in a big house where the main character, Bonnie, dresses as a ghost to sneak around and make her family jump — and it’s your job to help. Head to the App Store to learn more and get ready to get your ghost on!

2. Emoji Pumpkins: Your kids are probably way more tech-savvy than you, and the world of texting is no exception. We’re sure they’ll recognize all of these emojis and will have a ton of fun designing their very own emoji pumpkins. This tutorial includes printable templates that let you turn any pumpkin into your own emoji Mr. Potato Head.

3. Spooky Monster Cupcakes: How fun are these? You can create all sorts of spooky and scary cupcakes with just a few key ingredients. Just make sure your little one doesn’t spend too much time “cleaning up” that frosting bowl!

4. DIY Candy Corn Piñata: That’s right. We’re big fans of piñatas any time of year! For this project, we created the most meta Halloween piñata ever: a candy corn-shaped piñata FILLED with candy corn. What what!

5. Stack-O-Lantern: Who needs to mess with candles and carving tools this Halloween? Instead of filling your kitchen table with piles of pumpkin guts, go for the chic approach and create a stack-o-lantern! Give your kiddo paint pens to create any design they like, and then stack ’em right up on your front stoop.

6. LED Headbands: Ready to win 1,000 cool-parent points? Work with your little one to make custom headbands that light up. For real. Go for cat ears, a crazy Medusa look or keep it simple and just say “Boo!”

7. Canvas Treat Bags: Scrambling for treat bags this year? Turn canvas totes into the biggest treat bags ever. Your mini will relish in the challenge of getting more snickers than their siblings!

8. No-Carve Pumpkins: Love organizing crafternoons with your kid and friends? Take these three pumpkin tutorials and turn it into a weekend pumpkin party! You can glitter-dip, confetti-top and pattern ’em up!

9. LED Balloons: Admittedly, this is more a project for parents to make for their kids. If you’re throwing a Halloween party, light-up balloons are a must. Check out the tutorial to learn how to make your own. And if you feel like going the extra mile, you can use a Sharpie to add Jack-O-Lantern faces to orange and white balloons.

10. DIY Superhero Costume: Finally, if you’re still on the hunt for a DIY costume, why not turn your kiddo into the superhero you know they are? Let them choose the fabrics and then fire up your sewing machine — this costume takes minutes to make.

What are your favorite Halloween traditions and activities? Tell us about them in the comments below.