Did you freak out when you overheard your coworkers’ and friends’ solid Halloween plans this week? We’re already halfway done with October, and there’s still a lot to do to prepare for the festivities. Costume idea. Costume execution. Home decor. Party essentials. Plus there’s added pressure if you’re hoping to hook a new boo at a party for cuffing season. Don’t stress. This is exactly why Amazon Prime exists. We’ve curated lists of all the costumes, treats, spooky decor, sinister lighting, Halloween craft materials, and apparel worthy of a girls’ outing to the pumpkin patch. Pick the stuff you need. Add to cart. Have a dreamy Halloween.


1. Baywatch (prices vary): The sexy bathing suit is key. You can find the sexy bathing suit, a red whistle, and every item featured in the photo above on this Amazon list.

2. Game of Thrones (prices vary): We’ve put a list together of goodies you’ll need to put together a costume for any character on the show. Whether you plan to be the Mother of Dragons, a gold-handed Jamie Lannister, the merciless Sansa, or the even more merciless Queen, you can find it all on Amazon.

3. Beyoncé (prices vary): Slay this Halloween look. Pull off Bey’s look with a leotard, thigh-high boots, and a microphone.

4. The Handmaid’s Tale (prices vary): Hoping to get into season two theories beside the punch bowl this Halloween? Grab a red dress, bonnet, and red cloak.

5. Broad City (prices vary): We’ve found some of Ilana’s staples on Amazon. To complete her Nicki Minaj inspired look, grab a lacy bra, metallic mini skirt, and a blonde wig.

6. Stranger Things (prices vary): You may have some handy items for this ’80s nostalgia costume already laying in your closet, but Amazon has items to help you with the final touches.

7. Unicorn (prices vary): After digging through pages and pages of Amazon, we’ve found the perfect items to combine for an effervescent unicorn look.

Candy & SNACKS

8. Hoosier Hill Farm Premium Candy Corn ($15): Eat them all yourself, bring them to work, distribute them in bowls around your house, or use them as ingredients for Halloween-themed jello shots.

9. Japanese Green Tea Kit Kats ($23): In private, we eat this stuff year-round, but October is an acceptable time to consume green tea Kit Kats in bulk at your desk.

10. Light Up Trick or Treat Bags ($17 for two): Sometimes the designated trick-or-treat adult needs a little fuel while accompanying kids or nieces and nephews on the rounds.

11. MARS Chocolate Minis Candy Bars ($33 for 240 pieces): Your batches of delicious homemade candy are nommed up pretty quick, so buy your favorite chocolates in bulk in case you’re running low by All Hallow’s Eve. It’s okay if you end up with leftover candy.

12. Skittles, Starburst, and Life Savers Gummies ($15 for 200 pieces): Passing out candy? The fruity stuff is a necessity.

13. Airheads Variety Pack ($11 for 90 pieces): We remember getting in late-night arguments over the mystery flavor.

14. Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks ($15 for 24 pouches): In case you’re the healthy “candy” type.


15. Homder Glow in the Dark Pebbles ($19): Sprinkle them along the walkway leading to your home, in your potted plants, across your dining table, or in your fish tank.

16. PChero Flameless LED Timer Candles ($15 for 12): A safe alternative to burning candles, these will automatically go out when the party’s over and you’re already snoozing while still wearing your costume.

17. Fun World Costumes Stretchy Spider Web ($5): This classic decoration is affordable, and it just doesn’t feel like Halloween without accidentally walking through it. Upgrade with glow-in-the-dark spiders.

18. jollylife Bloody Footprint Floor Clings ($12): Having a spooky party? Place a path of bloody footsteps that lead into the kitchen, or a closet full of body parts.

19. Happy Deals Realistic Black Crow Prop ($15): Throughout the night, this eerie birdie can perch on a doorway, windowsill, or even your shoulder.

20. Forum Novelties Zombie Arm Lawn Stakes ($13 for two): Don’t have a lawn? Oversized potted plants work too.


21. Icicle Ghosts, Pumpkins, and Bats String Light Sets ($36 for three): These Halloween-specific lights will add a cutesy flair to your windows and doorway.

22. Noma/Inliten Basic Orange Halloween String Lights ($14): These lights will illuminate your fall wreath perfectly for a sinister effect.

23. YSIM Meteor Shower Rain Lights ($29): These trippy lights are totally what’s going to get your party started. Create an actual purple rain backdrop to dance in while strutting your Prince costume.

24. Halloeen Halloween Paper LED Light Lanterns ($100 for four): Cute, kitschy, and slightly spooky. Add these paper lanterns atop your dining table, on a side table, or on top of the fridge (to hide the leftover candy stash).

25. Adorox Skull Lantern With Spooky Music ($11): If you dare to venture into the night, bring a spooky safety light.

26. Amir Solar Powered String Lights ($40): These are cool for Halloween, but honestly, we’d keep these twinkle lights up all year long.

Pumpkin Carving and Halloween Activities

27. TCP Global Professional Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit ($20): Whether you carve a realistic face or create a pumpkin diorama, you’re going to need proper tools to conquer your Jack O’ Lantern dreams.

28. HeiYi Cut-Resistant Gloves ($13): Here’s a handy way to stay safe while pumpkin carving. Or try going with a no-carve pumpkin decoration approach.

29. Amscan Color Changing Pumpkin Light ($6 each): Shout-out to all the pumpkin carvers who have accidentally lit your pumpkins on fire. Never again. Not with this fireless light that changes colors!

30. AmazLab Blood Bag Drink Containers ($15 for 10 bags and labels): If you’re skipping the decorations and going straight to drinking, you can still have a Halloween edge with these hilarious blood beverage bags.

Halloween Apparel

31. Diansts Creepy Spider Earrings ($7): Date nights in the month of October just got a little weirder.

32. Ann Arbor T-shirt Co. Jack O’ Lantern T-Shirt ($13): Just imagine you and your crew rolling up to the pumpkin patch in these coordinating T-Shirts.

33. Art Attack Dangly Skeleton Earrings ($13): Let your look send chills down everyone’s spines, including your own (these might tickle).

34. “Basic Witch” Halloween T-Shirt ($18): Let your inner witch out this month.

35. Chuanqi Batwing Scoopneck Top ($20): This could be dressed up to be a bat costume, or pair it with black pants and spider earrings as a Halloween costume alternative.

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