Halloween was meant for parties. And while getting dressed up in a costume and standing around eating candy is fun in itself, we like to go the extra mile around here to make sure all revelers are fully entertained. So, in the spirit of Halloween fun for kids and for grown-ups, we鈥檝e got all the games you need to ensure your spooktacular shindig is a Halloween hit.

1.聽Candy Corn Pi帽ata: You don鈥檛 have to fill this entire thing with candy corn, but it is highly encouraged.聽(via聽Brit + Co)

2.聽Witch Pitch: This makes for a really cute tabletop game for the little ones. If you could find large cauldrons, it could even be a yard game with beanbags instead of candy corn. (via Chica and Jo)

3.聽Clue: Your classic murder mystery makes for a great party game when you act things out rather than limiting the events to a board game. (via聽Camille Styles)

4.聽DIY Halloween Bowling Set: Kids will have fun playing and creating this one.聽(via Evite)

5.聽Pin the Spider on the Web: Not only does a giant spiderweb make for killer decor, it鈥檚 also a game. You can download the free printables for this game right here.聽(via The Tomkat Studio)

6.聽Classic Beer Pong With a Spooky Twist: Just about every single drinking game can have a Halloween edge to it. (via Celebrations)

7.聽Squash Bowling: Maybe you got a little gourd-happy this past weekend. Well, now you can put them to good use as bowling pins. (via聽Martha Stewart)

8.聽Hook Ring Toss: The kiddos will feel like they鈥檙e aboard the best pirate ship ever. (via Create For Kids)

9.聽Pop-Up Mad Laboratory: Ready for some 鈥渆wwwwwws?鈥 Stick some funky-textured food in jars and let your guests guess what鈥檚 really in them. (via Eighteen 25)

10.聽Donuts on a String: We鈥檙e not quite sure why or how this became a Halloween tradition, but we鈥檙e not complaining. With adults or kids, it鈥檚 delicious and fun to watch. (via Small Fry)

11.聽Fortune Telling: Whether you dress up like a crystal-ball reader yourself or hire a professional, this is sure to be a party hit. (via Matsutake)

12.聽Halloween Karaoke: By the end of the night you may hear a a dozen versions of Monster Mash and Thriller, but that鈥檚 kind of okay. (via KJ Paul Karaoke)

13.聽Pumpkin Bowling: All you need to get this game rolling is a pumpkin, toilet paper and some construction paper.聽(via聽KB Custom Design)

14.聽The Mummy Wrap Game: When you鈥檙e done with the TP for bowling, use it to get mummified.聽(via聽Love Paper Paint)

15.聽Fireside Ghost Stories: Get prepped with a bonfire and your spookiest ghost stories, then gather round the fire for a night of fright. (via Mashable)

16.聽Fill the Pumpkin: Want to relive your college days with a good card drinking game? Yeah, we thought you鈥檇 be into that. (via Ehow)

17.聽Witch Hat Ring Toss: Inside or outside, we love this easy-to-make game. It鈥檚 meant for kids, but honestly, we鈥檇 have fun with this one, too.聽(via Sometimes Creative)

18.聽Halloween Concentration: Growing up, this was one of those learning games that we couldn鈥檛 get enough of.聽(via Saltwater Kids)

19.聽Pin the Face on the Jack-o鈥-Lantern: It鈥檚 a pumpkin spin on a party classic. We imagine that with a few drinks, this one could be even more challenging.聽(via聽Jennifer Kitson)

20.聽Pop Goes the Pumpkin: When you pop these balloon pumpkins, there鈥檚 a burst of candy and confetti inside.聽(via Martha Stewart)

21.聽Name That Bone: All you need for this one is a plastic or paper skeleton and some books. Just point at a bone for someone else to guess, and see how much they remember from biology class. Every incorrect answer is a drink. (via Ehow)

22.聽Bobbing for Apples: These carved apple heads put a creepy twist on a favorite fall pastime. But it also makes them a bit easier to grab. (via聽Wonder How To)

23.聽Pumpkin Toss: Don鈥檛 let those pumpkins go to waste! In lieu of carving another jack-o鈥-lantern, carve giant holes for a little toss game. (via Rachel Ray)

24.聽Ghost Pi帽atas: It鈥檚 almost a shame to whack this adorable pi帽ata family with a bat, but that鈥檚 the name of the game, right?聽(via A Beautiful Mess)

25.聽Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe: Dedicate a side table to this blast from the past. (via Petticoat Junction)

26.聽Horror Movie Trivia: Find some tricky trivia based on facts from horror movies. With each wrong answer, you have to take a drink.聽(via Ehow)

27.聽Halloween Bingo: These adorable bingo cards get marked with candy鈥 of course. You can download the free printable here. (via Today鈥檚 Parent)

Do you have a favorite Halloween party game? We want to know about it in the comments!