We always have a jarful of Chex mix, trail mix or another grab-and-go nibble on hand to satisfy our snack-time cravings. With Halloween on the horizon, it’s time to whip up a themed snack to power us through late-night costume making and writing up calligraphed party invites. These 11 wicked snack mix recipes are just what you need to serve at your next Halloween bash or add a little bit of fun to lunchtime.

1. Halloween Popcorn Mix: Brighten it up with this sweet, salty and crunchy mix. (via Deliciously Yum)

2. Halloween Snack Mix Bites: Snack mix pressed into a dollop of chocolate? Sold! (via Spoonful of Flavor)

3. Cinnamon Witch Bits: Cinnamon cereal and pumpkin-spice-flavored candies create a unique, autumnal twist on the usual puppy chow, while the addition of creepy crawly candies make it scream Halloween. (via Boulder Locavore)

4. Spooky Snack Mix: No baking required — simply stir together a few items from the snack, cereal and candy aisles and package it up in a mason jar. (via She Knows)

5. Fall Party Mix With Salted Caramel: Homemade salted caramel sauce coats each and every savory morsel of this chocolate-studded, party-perfect mix. (via Where Your Treasure Is)

6. Spookalicious Snack Mix: Coating pretzel sticks in a crisp sugar mixture makes them a delightfully salty-sweet addition to this mix. (via Pretty Plain Janes)

7. Halloween Party Popcorn Mix: Who could resist this colorful mix? A combo of melted purple candy and sprinkles transform popcorn into a bright base, then peanuts and your choice of assorted Halloween candies are added to make it into a sublime sweet snack. (via A Spicy Perspective)

8. Halloween Muddy Buddy Mix: Upgrade your everyday peanut butter and chocolate Chex mix to this version featuring pops of orange courtesy of candy-coated chocolates and candy corn. (via Sweet Treats + More)

9. Candy Corn Bugle Snack Mix: Bugles masquerade as candy corn in this festive fall mix. (via Cookies and Cups)

10. Pumpkin Spice Chex Snack Mix: Honey, cinnamon and corn Chex are mixed with graham crackers, walnuts and a generous sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice to create this sugar ‘n’ spice snack mix. (via Dine and Dish)

11. Halloween Scary Barbecue Snack Mix: An uncommon selection of snack foods — popcorn, tortilla chips, cheese-flavored crackers and Corn Nuts — get tossed with a smokey, spiced barbecue sauce to create this irresistible snack. (via Gourmet)

What snacks other than miniature candy bars will you nibble on this Halloween? Let us know what you’re craving in the comments below!