If you’re getting the feeling that people are miraculously aging much better than they used to, we have some news for you. That could be a case of seriously great genetics or, more than likely, it might be botox. The quick, age-defying procedure has been a favorite among celebrities for some time now. Thus far, the most popular areas to get poked are usually all in different regions of the face, but it looks like that might be changing.


Doctors in Hollywood have now adapted the procedure to help diminish signs of aging in hands. Sometimes called hand rejuvenation, sometimes called “handacials” (hand facials), the treatment transfers fat to volumize and smooth skin, encouraging the production of collagen to provide a youthful look.

Hand botox has become so popular that it’s even made its way across the pond. Dr. David Jack, the UK-based aesthetic doctor who offers the treatment, tells Grazia, “People often forget to apply sunscreen to the backs of hands, even though they’re constantly exposed to the sun. Women often tell me their hands look at least 10 years older than their face, so I developed a filler treatment designed specifically for this delicate area. It plumps up lost volume and decreases visibility of tendons and veins. It can also be used with other techniques, like mesotherapy to reduce pigmentation of the skin, and laser resurfacing.”

So, millennials — we’re going to say the lesson here is not to go and make an appointment ASAP, but rather to make a habit of sunscreen and hand cream now, so hopefully that situation will sort itself out over time.

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