There are soooooooooo many different things to be for Halloween. That鈥檚 why we always attend more than one (two, three or even four) parties throughout the fall holiday season. One universe that provides plenty 鈥 seriously endless 鈥 ideas for Halloween cosplay costumes comes courtesy of J.K. Rowling鈥檚 universe. The world of Hogwarts and its many, many, many characters (you too can be someone other than Harry Potter) is a treasure trove of inspo. Check out 18 of the best Harry Potter-themed Halloween costume ideas below, then magically recreate your own version in time for some festive affairs.

harry potter costume

1. Harry Potter: Throw on a cloak, hop on your Nimbus 2000 and soar above the other Halloween costumes. (Photo via @carmenvalentina)

ron weasley costume

2. Ron Weasley: If you aren鈥檛 into wizards robes, try a comfy Weasley family sweater with an 鈥淩鈥 across your chest instead. Bonus perk: You can totally rock it after Halloween season is complete. (Photo via Alicia Sivert)

hermione granger costume

3. Hermione Granger: Anyone can be the smart lady wizard. Just make sure you know how to correctly pronounce Wingardium Leviosa ;) (Photo via Treasures for Tots)

albus dumbledore costume

4. Albus Dumbledore: You don鈥檛 have to actually be old to become the wise, old wizard. All you really need is a long beard, a gold-studded robe and quotable wisdom to spew out all night long. (Photo via Jengerbread Creations)

voldemort costume

5. Voldemort: It takes a lot of makeup to become He Who Must Not Be Named, so if you鈥檙e prepared to breathe through tiny nose slits all night long, you should be up to the challenge of playing the part of this evil wizard. (Photo via Deviant Art)

severus snape costume

6. Severus Snape: After all these years you still want to dress up as Professor Snape? Always ;) (Photo via @orleash)

draco malfoy costume

7. Draco Malfoy: You鈥檙e bound to have at least a little more fun if you Slytherin to a Halloween party as the most famous member of the darkest Hogwarts House. (Photo via @limitstorm)

dobby halloween costume

8. Dobby: Dress up your dog, dress up your newborn, dress up your kitty. You can鈥檛 go wrong with the House Elf for your tiny family members. Just make sure not to give them a sock 鈥 you don鈥檛 want them to be set free juuuuuuuust yet. (Photo via Sisters, What!)

hagrid costume

9. Rubeus Hagrid: You know you鈥檝e always wanted to spend the night walking on stilts 鈥 here鈥檚 your chance. Impress your friends with more than just the height and beard by showing up on a Hippogryph and you鈥檙e sure to win best costume and be the talk of your group for the next year. (Photo via Robbins Studios Photography and Fine Art)

luna lovegood costume

10. Luna Lovegood: If you鈥檙e loony and you like it, here鈥檚 your only Halloween costume option. (Photo via @silhouettecosplay)

bellatrix lestrange costume

11. Bellatrix Lestrange: All black everything + an evil cackling laugh = this sinister witch鈥檚 look. (Photo via @f_lovett)

sirius black costume

12. Sirius Black: Bring Harry鈥檚 Godfather鈥檚 mugshot to life with this prison(er of Azkaban) look. (Photo via @padfootrose)

mad eye moody costume

13. Alastor 鈥淢ad-Eye鈥 Moody: If you can find or make yourself a marble eye to complete this look, not only will your HP costume look super cool, but you鈥檒l most definitely be scaring the crap out of everyone as well. And isn鈥檛 that what Halloween is all about? (Photo via @alexbakerphoto)

dolores umbridge costume

14. Dolores Umbridge: Put on all your pink, grab your cats, sip some tea and be as passive aggressive as you possibly can all night long. If you succeed in all of that, you鈥檒l be embodying this wizard perfectly. (Photo via @sbmorris75)

professor trelawney costume

15. Sybill Trelawney: Into tea leaf reading, bohemian outfits and bottle eyeglasses? This is the look for you. (Photo via @nilskatla)

ginny weasley costume

16. Ginny Weasley: You know you鈥檝e already dreamed about becoming Harry鈥檚 girl. Here鈥檚 your chance. (Photo via @morganamoonstone)

hedwig costume

17. Hedwig: Switch up the typical owl costume look with this majestic, Queen-like one to truly soar in the costume department. (Photo via @smithersby)

moaning myrtle costume

18. Moaning Myrtle: This should be fun. Make yourself look ghostly, throw on a tired-looking school outfit and cry hysterically all night long. It will be a highly entertaining evening for you and everyone involved. (Photo via Kate Johns)

Not into any of these Harry Potter characters for Halloween? Try a couple鈥檚 costume a la Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. Do a family costume and become Dudley Dursley, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon (or the entire Weasley fam). Turn yourself into a different Hogwarts universe pet 鈥 Crookshanks, Mrs. Norris, Fang, Fluffy, Aragog, Buckbeak, etc. Or even get wiser by dressing up as a professor by way of Gilderoy Lockhart, Minerva McGonagall or Horace Slughorn. Whatever you choose, it鈥檚 bound to be magicial. Especially if it鈥檚 a DIY Harry Potter costume!

Will you be dressing up like a Harry Potter character this Halloween? Let us know who in the comments.