For those of you sure that your Hogwarts letter will come any day now, get ready to feel super old. You’ve been spoiled with sick HP tidbits lately from a cool lipstick line to the HP GoT collab to Emma Watson who is basically Hermione IRL but this latest update will remind you that the best person to slang HP truth is J.K Rowling herself.

Today Jo wrote a tweet that will make you go “accio feels!”

This is another digital punch to the gut to anyone who already felt old learning that HP was turning 35 this July. Harry’s eldest son James Sirius Potter (because Harry named his kids like an unoriginal HP fan fiction author) is mentioned in the epilogue of Deathly Hallows and according to Jo recently was sorted into Gryffindor.

Tons of fans have been tweeting to her that they’re at Kings Cross right now or else on the Hogwarts Express saying hello to the school’s newest Potter kid. Grown adults on Twitter are doing this and the 11 year old fan girl that lives within me could not be more happy!

This is the kind of HP update I’m looking for. I don’t need a musical, I don’t need another movie, I just need the occasional reminder that I am not the only one still nostalgic for the magical childhood HP and J.K. Rowling gave me. I’ll also take another naked Daniel Radcliffe play, you know if anyone is offering.

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(Photo via Danny E. Martindale/Getty)